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Below is a selection of choreographers with notated solos available for staging. Select a choreographer to see which of their solos are notated. Please note: the inclusion of solos here does not imply permission for staging is automatically granted. It must be obtained from the choreographer or estate on a case-by-case basis. DNB can assist in obtaining the necessary permission.

For a complete list of available solos, duets, and group dances, consult the
Notated Theatrical Dances catalog or contact Director of Programs.

 Adair, Marie

 Loman, Hettie


 Amowitz, Georgette

 Louis, Murray


 Aveline, Albert

 Maslow, Sophie


 Bettis, Valerie

 Montague, George

  Bodak, Suzanne (after François Malkovsky)  Nagrin, Daniel
   Coralli & Perrot  Petipa, Marius


 Dolin, Anton

 Redlich, Don


 Driver, Senta

 Rodiger, Ann


 Duncan, Isadora

 Saint-Leon, Arthur


 Elssler, Fanny

 St. Denis, Ruth


 Erdman, Jean

 Sokolow, Anna


 Holm, Hanya

 Strickler, Fred


 Humphrey, Doris

 Tamiris, Helen


 Ivanov, Lev

 Trisler, Joyce


 Lampert, Rachel

 Walker, Norman


 Leeder, Sigurd

 Weidman, Charles