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 What Is The Educational Performance Collection Series?
 The Labanotated Works
 Contents of Each Set

What Is The Educational Performance Collection Series?

The Dance Notation Bureau's "Educational Performance Collection Series," consists of five sets of integrated performance, study, and research materials on contemporary choreographies. The five featured choreographers are Rachel Lampert, Buzz Miller, Moses Pendleton, Anna Sokolow and Clay Taliaferro. Each set features videotapes, Labanotation scores, written critical analyses for use in the classroom, and permission for unlimited performance of the dances.

The project was made possible by a grant from the Fund for Improvement of Post-Secondary Education. Additional support was given by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Mobil Foundation, Inc.

The cost is $750 for each collection (includes a one-time royalty fee and 5% shipping and handling fee for domestic mail). International purchase please contact us first to add the appropriate shipping cost. All online payments are processed by PayPal.


The Labanotated Works

  What's Remembered, by Rachel Lampert

Music: Jörns, LeClair, Spohr and spoken text
5 Women, 5 Men; 20 minutes

"My work is generally very personal, somewhat autobiographical, usually with a sense of humor." R. Lampert

  Not For Love Alone, by Buzz Miller

Music: Cage, Nancarrow, Rose and Scriabin
9 Women, 6 Men; 24 minutes

Miller's upbeat jazz dance vocabulary can capture the posturing tempo and vehemence of street life.

 Children On the Hill, by Moses Pendleton

Music: tape collage
2 Men and 9 Women or Men; 20 minutes

Pendleton's work with organisms...and with projection of dancers' shadows are to be viewed as shapes, planes and flow rather than people in motion.

 Scenes From the Music of Charles Ives, by Anna Sokolow

Music: Charles Ives
7 Women, 5 or 7 Men; 23 minutes

"Does [the music] touch you enough to make you feel, 'I want to do this?' Then you go to work." A. Sokolow

 Falling Off the Back Porch, by Clay Taliaferro

Music: Claude Debussy
5 Women, 1 Men; 15 minutes

Falling Off the Back Porch is about Humphrey-Limon dance technique and its continuing creative potential.

Contents of Each Set

 DVD of the dance in performance

 DVD of the choreographer preparing the dance in rehearsal or in class

 A written critical analysis (ca. 50 pp.) of the dance

 Introductory article on the dance notation used to document the choreography

 Complete Labanotation score with additional notated classwork of the choreographer

 Performance Rights to the dance

Please Note that due to the copyright issue, the DNB cannot sell music score and CD. However, music score and rehearsal CD are available for rental from the DNB library with a small circulation fee.