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>Stagings Around the World

Below is the list of forth coming stagings from the Labanotation score (The list was updated on 2/28/18):

1st Perf.
12/14/18   Desperate Heart by Valerie Bettis   Jennifer Conley   92nd Street Y, New York, NY
10/25/18   Water Study by Doris Humphrey   Leah Glenn   College of Willam and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
10/2/18   Brandenburg Concerto #4 by Doris Humphrey and Ruth Currier   Jillian Hopper   University of Michigan
6/13/18   With My Red Fires by Doris Humphrey   Aurelie Berland   Association Compagnie Gramma, Paris, France
5/26/18   Lynchtown by Charles Weidman   Christines Caradec    
5/4/18   Partita V by Doris Humphrey   Valerie Henry   Ware Center, PA
3/16/18   Water Study by Doris Humphrey   Jillian Hopper   Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI
3/12/18   Partita V by Doris Humphrey   Valerie Henry   Valerie Henry Dance Company, Lancaster, PA
3/2/18   Little Improvisation by Antony Tudor   Amanda McKerrow   Interlochen Center for the Arts, Michigan