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The Dance Notation Bureau (DNB) Library maintains the world's largest collection of original Labanotated dance scores. This catalog is not a complete inventory of the DNB’s holdings but does include information regarding the most frequently requested materials used by stagers and researchers worldwide. It includes scores in Labanotation but not scores in other forms of notation, e.g., Benesh.

Some of the scores listed in this catalog are incomplete but have been included because they may contain valuable information for dance educators and scholars. Scores that are older may not adhere to current standards of notation. Some scores are student notation projects, and some are not available to the public. These have all been included to show the diversity, uniqueness, and importance of the DNB’s collection.

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TitleChoreographerNotatorMusic ComposerMinimum # WomenMinimum # MenDurationVersion Staged By
Folie d'Espagne pour femmeRaoul FeuilletIrmgard BartenieffAnonymous, Lynn Strong1000:00:00Irmgard Bartenieff
Songs without wordsMarie AdairLeslie RotmanFelix Mendelssohn3200:12:00Marie Adair
The lark ascendingAlvin AileySandra AberkalnsRalph Vaughan Williams6600:14:35Linda Kent
Nun betterPedro AlejandroVeronica DittmanChristian Cherry4300:13:00Pedro Alejandro
That all American gameJudith AllenJudith AllenAntonin Dvorák, Josef Strauss0000:07:00Judith Allen
Amahl and the night visitors : Dance of the shepherds Georgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGian Carlo Menotti1200:05:00Georgette Weisz Amowitz
And after the journeyGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzHeitor Villa-Lobos1000:06:45Georgette Weisz Amowitz
A day for dancingGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzLloyd Pfautsch3500:25:00Georgette Weisz Amowitz
A day for dancing : The dance of prophesy (The rose)Georgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzLloyd Pfautsch4000:03:40Georgette Weisz Amowitz
The foot hook ragGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzScott Joplin0000:01:30Georgette Weisz Amowitz
The foot hook rag : Themes and variations Georgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzScott Joplin0000:04:15Georgette Weisz Amowitz
Perpetual emotion. ExcerptGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzDon Gillis0000:02:53Georgette Weisz Amowitz
ScherzofreniaGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzDon Gillis3100:03:00Georgette Weisz Amowitz
Too much vacationGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzBeatrice Hellebrandt1000:01:00Georgette Weisz Amowitz
Westward ha! : Le cancan, a frolic with rescue and encoreGeorgette Weisz AmowitzGeorgette Weisz AmowitzHal Youngblood, Carl Hall3300:01:30Georgette Weisz Amowitz
1492 [Fourteen nighty-two]Peter AnastosLeslie RotmanJoan Ambrosio Dalza, Anonymous0200:14:00Peter Anastos
Yes, Virginia, another piano balletPeter AnastosIlene FoxFrédéric Chopin3200:20:00Peter Anastos
Songs : Part III, To each his ownMary AnthonyVirginia DorisClaude Debussy4300:10:00Mary Anthony
Antiquite IGeorge AppaixMarion BastienBande-son3200:22:00 
HeptagonOscar AraizGretchen SchumacherFrancis Poulenc0700:25:00Oscar Araiz
The clownsGerald ArpinoRay CookHershey Kay81000:25:00Scott Barnard
The clownsGerald ArpinoRay CookHershey Kay81000:25:00Gerald Arpino
ConfettiGerald ArpinoJane MarriettGioacchino Antonio Rossini3300:12:00 
Partita for fourGerald ArpinoCharlotte WileVittorio Rieti1300:05:00Gerald Arpino, Maria Grandy, Sally Bliss
The relativity of IcarusGerald ArpinoJane MarriettGerhard Samuel1200:18:00Gerald Arpino


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