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"After having been a dancer my whole life, I find that the study of Labanotation comes as quite a revelation. When creating notation, one becomes aware of details and nuances in steps which were not necessary to know in order to perform them. More precisely, the dancer becomes mentally aware of what was previously only known physically, but never consciously conceptualized. In class or rehearsal, dancers are taught to physically recreate steps by watching them. Using notation means that steps are first read rather than seen, and the writing of that notation requires an intimate knowledge of the steps borne out of their careful analysis. The true architecture of a step is uncovered; each part which forms it must be broken down in order to create its faithful illustration. A student, in learning notation, is presented with a completely new way of thinking about dance. Insights are gained; familiar steps become relearned from the inside out."

-Suzy Borden. 2012 Elementary Labanotation Student

Distance learning courses are offered by the DNB at the elementary and intermediate Labanotation theory levels and may be started at any time. Arrangements for university credits may be made through your college or university.

The elementary course, consisting of ten lessons, covers the fundamentals of the system: stepping, arm and leg gestures, jumping, turning, circling, floor plans and repeat signs. The intermediate level course includes more advanced reading and a greater emphasis on writing. The ten lessons cover parts of limbs, touch, slide and brush, torso tilting, bending and twisting, kneeling, sitting, and floor work.

The fee for each course includes a tutorial service whereby the student submits, by email and/or Skype, the specific homework assignment for each lesson to an assigned tutor who corrects the work and answers questions. The fee also includes assignment sheets, a certifying exam, and a certificate (if earned).
However, the fee does not include required texts and tapes. The tutorial service is good for one full year from the time the course material is sent to you.

The Dance Notation Bureau can only accept payment in U.S. dollars via PayPal, personal check, money order or wire transfer. General questions about the distance learning courses should also be sent to


(All online payments are processed by PayPal.)

Correspondence Course
Elementary Labanotation: $750
(including Administrative Cost $55)
Intermediate Labanotation: $750
(including Administrative Cost $55)

Full payment in U.S. dollars must be received before course materials will be sent.

Registration Form and Certification Record

Registration form for distance learning courses (.html version)

Certification record (.html version)

To enroll in the elementary or intermediate Labanotation course, please print out and complete the online registration form. Send the completed forms and/or a check in U.S. dollars to:
Dance Notation Bureau
178 E 109th Street, #5

New York, NY 10029

Required Texts and Tapes

Required for Elementary and Intermediate Labanotation
Labanotation 4th edition by Ann Hutchinson

To order Labanotation by Ann Hutchinson Guest, ISBN# 0-415-96562-4, contact:

Routledge Books
Phone: 1-800-634-7064 (North America) (outside North America)

All of the following texts may be ordered from:

Required for Elementary Labanotation
Elementary Labanotation: A Study Guide by Muriel Topaz
Elementary Reading Studies
Elementary Reading Studies Cassette or CD

Required for Intermediate Labanotation
Study Guide for Intermediate Labanotation by Muriel Topaz
Intermediate Reading Studies
Intermediate Reading Studies Cassette or CD