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Notator Training Course

The Dance Notation Bureau offers a professional notator training course. The two semester course consists of classes designed to build notation speed and skills, provide the opportunity to notate a variety of techniques, and give instruction on requirements for a dance score. The first semester focuses on ballet, second semester on modern dance. Students meet for three class sessions a week — lecture, reading class, and notation practice. The lecture and reading class are scheduled on the same day. The class schedule usually changes from week to week, depending on the notation practice session arrangements. This session is held at various dance classes in New York City. At the end of each semester, the students do a project, giving them the opportunity to experience a real rehearsal situation. Upon completion of course work, each student must do a certifying score that is assessed by a Board of Examiners.

Prerequisites: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Labanotation Certification, ability to read a music score, introduction to LMA (can be taken concurrently).

Place: The class is held at the Dance Notation Bureau and various sites around New York City.

Tuition: $3,500

The course is only held if there is sufficient enrollment. If you are, or think you may be, interested in the course, please contact, at the Dance Notation Bureau.

Teacher Certification Course

The Labanotation Teacher Certification Course (TCC) certifies educators to teach Labanotation at the Elementary level and promotes the integration of Labanotation across the curriculum. The DNB is happy to announce the online Teacher Certification Course (TCC) as of September 2014. This interactive, participatory course provides the student with experience, feedback, and insights in teaching Elementary Labanotation. The course can be taken by anyone from anywhere, and may be started at any time. If you prefer attend the course in person, instead of taking it online, the two-week intensive TCC workshop is offered through the Dance Notation Bureau Extension for Education and Research at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, every other summer

Upon course completion, candidates are certified to teach at the Elementary level, and may upgrade to Intermediate by completing the Dance Notation Bureau's Intermediate Certifying Exam and the Intermediate Class Assignments, available from Princeton Books; no additional coursework is required.

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Prerequisites to the Course

Upon candidates are admitted to the course based on demonstrated excellence in Labanotation at the Elementary level through:

Successful completion of the DNB Certifying Examination at the Elementary level;
Successful completion of Elementary Labanotation Assignments I-X; and
Successful completion of a course in Motif or Language of Dance®;

and demonstrated knowledge of teaching methods through:

A minimum of 45 hours teaching experience; or
Successful completion of a course in pedagogy/teaching methods; and
A letter of recommendation by someone familiar with his or her teaching.

For more information, please contact DNB.