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The presence of an item on this list does not imply that it can be sent out. Many of them must be consulted at the Bureau, and a few are totally restricted. Dances and collections are in Labanotation unless otherwise noted.

Key to abbreviations: N = Notator, C = Choreographer, T = Teacher


Dances by Country

Books (Arranged alphabetically by author)

Bambra, Audrey and Muriel Webster. Teaching Folk Dancing. New York : Theatre Arts Books, 1972

Eshkol, Noa, Shmuel Seidel, Tirza Sapir and Michal Shoshani. The Yemenite Dance. Folk Dances of Israel: The Yemenite Dance - 142 Steps. Holon, Israel : The Movement Notation Society, 1972 (Eshkol - Wachmann notation)

Green, Doris. Makwaya.

Green, Doris. Notes on African Dance.

Harris, Jane A., Anne Pittman and Marlys S. Waller. Dance A While. Minneapolis : Burgess Publishing Co., 1950-1955

Keppler, Adrienne L. Polynesian Dance : With a selection for contemporary performances. Honolulu : Alpha Delta Kappa, 1983

Warren, Lee. The Dance of Africa. Englewood Cliffs, New York : Prentice-Hall. 1972

Van Zile, Judy. The Japanese Bon Dance In Hawaii. Kailua, Hawaii : Press Pacifica, 1982


(Arranged alphabetically by title)

Berk, Fred and Lucy Venable (notator). 10 Folk Dances in Labanotation. New York : M. Witmark & Sons, 1959. (NOTE: This book combines the dances with instructions on how to read Labanotation).

American Folk Dances. Denver, Federal Works Agency Works Projects Adminstration. 1941 (NOTE: This collection is all word notes, and despite its title, contains dances from other countries. (word notes)

Van Aelbrouck, H.-Ph. Danses Macédoniennes

Van Aelbrouck, H.-Ph. Danses Macédoniennes (2) : Bruxelles, 1980

English Country Dances of Today

Folk Dance Collection No. 2. New York : Dance Notation Bureau, Inc.

Folk Collection No. 3 (British-American). New York, Dance Notation Bureau, Inc., 1970

Folk Dances of Israel: Dances from the Yemen & Israeli Folk Dances. Tel Aviv, Israel Music Institute, 1970 (Eshkol - Wachmann notation)

Byrom, Franklin (notator). Folkdance Notebook. Berkeley : F. Byrom, 1973

Byrom, Franklin (notator). Folkdance Notebook - Israeli vol. 1. Berkeley : F. Byrom 1970

Byrom, Franklin (notator). Folkdance Notebook - Israeli vol. 2. Berkeley : F. Byrom 1972

Rodiger, Ann (notator). Jugoslavian Reader

The Scottish Country Dance Book. London : Paterson's Publications Ltd., 1924 (Book 1), 1926 (Book 4) (word notes)

English Country Dances of Today : Delaware, Ohio : Cooperative Recreation Service, 1948

(Arranged alphabetically by country and dance)


Argentine Zamba (T Rodolfo Sorbi; N Geidi Biegel - 1982)


Bardezuh Mer (T Beth Fawkes [from Frances Ajoinan]; N Beth P. Spencer)


Australian Aborigine dance from Maningrida, Armher Land. (N Ann Hutchinson - from film taken by A. A. Abbie, 4/60)


Ennstaler Polka (N Roberta Halporn 1953 - 54. Taught by the Dance Department of The Academy of music and Performing Arts, Austrian State School)
Hiarthmadl (N Roberta Halporn 1953 - 54. Taught by the Dance Department of The Academy of music and Performing Arts, Austrian State School)
Kreuz Polka (N Roberta Halporn 1953 - 54. Taught by the Dance Department of The Academy of music and Performing Arts, Austrian State School)
Pongauer Siebenschritt (N Roberta Halporn 1953 - 54. Taught by the Dance Department of The Academy of music and Performing Arts, Austrian State School)
Salzburger Dreher (N Albrecht Knust)Ländler (N Roberta Halporn 1953 - 54. Taught by the Dance Department of The Academy of music and Performing Arts, Austrian State School)


Baris Dance
Basic Movements
Some Arm Movements


Charlama (D Ana Maletic, N Diana Baddeley)
Starobosansko Kolo from Glamoc (C Pamela LacChko Kelley and Melissa Pintar Obenauf, N Stephanie S. Kemper)


Brazilian Native Forms - Carnival Walk, Picking up the feet, Maracatu step, Maracatu Man's Step
Brazilian Frevo Steps (N Dmitri)


Buriano-Burianke (N Gisela Reber)
Dajchevo (see Serbia)
Kukuvichka (N Gisela Reber)


The following dances are notated in a MFA thesis, A Comparative Study of Dance and Dance Forms in the Caribbean with Specific Reference to Trinidad and Haiti by Cyril Francis St. Lewis. The notations are by Joyce Greenberg

Bele (p. 17)
Shango (p. 22)
Bongo (p. 25)
Calypso (p. 35)


Dong Ba Dance (N Zhang Ling)
Chinese Classical Dance - Syllabus for teaching Chinese Classical Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts (The permission status of this item is unclear, so at the current time it may not be used).


Hjd' na lijevo
Kalendara (N Diana Baddeley)
Podbijanec (N Gisela Reber)
Posavsi Drmezh (N Gisela Reber)
Presekacha (N Gisela Reber)
Staro Sito (N Diana Baddeley)
Vrlichko Kolo


Furiant-Synecek (N Gisela Reber)
Wallachischer Shpachek and Hulán (N Knust, Essen)
Czech Polka (word notes)


Bacca Pipes (N Mireille Backer)
Black Nag (N Alice Lattimore)
Child Grove (N Florence Mayer)
Comical Fellow (N Rachel Armour and Andrea Goldberg)
Country Capers (N Sally Gibbard)
The Dressed Ship
Gathering Peascods (N B. Meursinge)
Haymaker's Jig (N Barbara Rosing)
Hole in the Wall (N Fumi Akimoto)
Old Mother Oxford (N Mireille Backer)
Queen's Jig (N Georgette Weisz and Charles Wadsworth)
Sailor's Hornpipe (N Jill Lind Beck)
Sellinger's Round (N Nancy A. King and Iris Gottlieb)
A Trip to Paris (N Mireille Backer)


Lappakatrilli (N Gisela Reber)
MartinVappu (N Gisela Reber)


L'Aéroplane (word notes)
L'Angloise (N Louis Joint?)
Bourrée Bourbonnaise (N Bartenieff)
Bourrée Droite (word notes)
Bourrée Croisées (word notes)
Bourrée à Trois de la Chapelotte (word notes)
Le Branle de Cosnay (word notes)
Gavotte de Pont-Aven (N I. Bartenieff)
Jabadao (N J. Challet-Haas)
Le Lapin (word notes)
Laridé de la Côte (N J. Challet-Haas)
La Machtagouine (word notes)
Le Moutons (word notes)
Dances from the Marais Nord Vendéen - part one: les maraíchínes; part two - les grand'dancses and other dances (N Jacqueline Challet-Haas)
Polka Piquée de Bretagne (N J. Challet-Haas)
Ridee de Baud (N I. Bartenieff)
Le Valse Pointée de Vatan (word notes)
La Varsovienne du Poitou (N D. Boddeley and J. Challet-Haas)


Black Forest Mazurka (word notes)
Einfacher allgemeinerSchuhplaltler (N Albrecht Knust)
Kleines Gruppenspiel
Kronentanz oder Oberländer Reigen
Rocking Waltz (word notes)
Salzburger Almtanz
Schuhplaltler für ein Einzelpaar (N Albrecht Knust)
Siebenschritt (word notes)
Tampet (N Albrecht Knust)


Ayowa (N Odette Blum)
Ghanaian Dances, including Gahu, Sikyi, Slow Agbekor, Fast Agbekor, and Damba-Takai (N John K. Benissan)
Gonje (N Odette Blum)


Basic Kalamatianos Theme
Kalamatianos (N Alice Lattimore)
Kalamatianos (N J. Challet-Haas)
Karagouna (N Beth P. Spencer)
Lefkaditikos (N Beth P. Spencer)
Menouses (N Al. Lattimore)
Pentozali (N Beth P. Spencer)
Sylivriano Syrtos (word notes)
Tsamikos (word notes)
Tsamikos (N A. Lattimore)
Vari Hassapiko (word notes)
Athan Karras Greek Dance Workshop - Includes Tsamikos, Kalamatianos, Syrtos, Slow Hassapiko, Ballos.
Four Greek Syrtos - Athan Karras (N Alice Lattimore) - Includes Simple Syrto, Kalamatiano, Syrto from Rhodes, Syrto from Crete


Csángó cépdal és héjsza (French word notes)
Csárdás (French word notes)
Csárdás für 5 Mädchen und 4 Burschen
Csendes (French word notes)
Czardas of Szatmar (word notes)
Csikós Csárdás
Dudulas (French word notes)
Kalotaszegi leánytánc
Kemény csárdás
KonyhatáncRitka Buza (N Alice Lattimore)
Lassú (French word notes)
Magyar verbunk (French word notes)
Pillow dances (N Wendy Hilton)
Polgári csárdás
Sürü csárdás (French word notes)
Szökös (French word notes)
Ugrós (French word notes)
Ungarischer Männertanz aus Nyírseg
Ungarische Schrittkombination (N Knust)
Üvegestanc terrajzai
Zhang zhu ti ta wu (csárdás)


Nú Er Glatt I Hverjum Hól


Alarippu (N Allan Miles)
Bharata Natya (Avadus - N Judy Miner)
Bharata Natya (Movements and Positions - N Billie Mahoney, Allan Miles, Carol Scothorn, and Lucy Venable)
East Indian Dance (T Matteo, N Eugenia Volz)
East Indian Dance (T Matteo, N Joyce Wheeler)
Folk Dance of India (N Alice Lattimore)
Hindu Hand Circling (Movement - N Ann Hutchinson Guest)
Seraikella Chhau (T Sir Kedar Nath Sahoo, N Jane Marriett)
Yakshagana (N Jane Marriett)


Mudras auf Bali (N Albrecht Knust)


Kerry Reel (N Virginia Doris)
Irish Reel (T Cecil McCausland N Gisela Reber)
Irish Lilt (N Billie Mahoney)
Two patterns from the Long Dance (N Billie Mahoney)


Ahavat Hadassah (N Sandra Getz)
Al Tira (N Sandra Getz)
Al Tira (N Franklin Byrom)
Baer Basadeh (N Franklin Byrom)
Bat Yiftach (N Jemima Ben-Gal)
Cherkessiya (word notes)
Circle from Sarid (word notes)
Debka (word notes)
Debka Ikarim (N Jemima Ben-Gal)
Debka Rafiach (N Jemima Ben-Gal)
Dodi Li (N Pauline de Groot)
Ei Hatal (N Franklin Byrom)
Erev Ba (C Rivka Sturman, N Franklin Byrom)
Erev Ba (C Yoav Ashriel, word notes)
HaRoah HaK'tana (N Sandra Getz)
HaNoded (N Celia Rudin)
HaNoded (word notes)
Hanu Lanu Yayin Yayin (N E. Kaufman)
Hora Aggadati ((N Celia Rudin)
Hora Aggadati (word notes)
Hora Eilat (N Lucy Venable)
Hora Sarid (E. Kaufman)
Im Ba'arazim (word notes)
Im Chashdor (N Nadia Chilkovsky)
Im Hoopalnu (word notes)
Israeli Mazurka (word notes)
Iti Milvanon
Ken Yovdu (N E. Kaufman)
Kol Dodi (word notes)
Kol Dodi (N E. Kaufman)
Kuma Echa (word notes)
Lech Lech Lamidbar (N E. Kaufman)
Lech Lech Lamidbar (N Celia Rudin)
Ma Navu (N Fred Berk - Work in Progress
Mayim, Mayim (word notes)
Oozi U'zimrat Yah (N E. Kaufman)
Or Chavatsalot (word notes)
Ozi (N Sandra Getz)
Sherele (word notes)
Shnei Shoshanim (N Ellida Kaufman) (May be incomplete)
Ve'David (word notes)
Ve'David (N Fred Berk)
Ya Abud
Zemer Atik - Couple dance (C Rivka Sturman, N Fred Berk)
Zemer Lach (word notes)




Haru-Same (N C. Wadsworth)
Matsu No Midori (T Fujima Kanjuro, N Carl Wolz)
Soran Busi (N Saburo Horino)
Tanko Bushi (N Celia Rudin)
Tanko Bushi (word notes)
Waraku Odori (word notes)


Dodo (N Dixie Durr)
Karachuonyo (N Dixie Durr)
Nyatiti (N Dixie Durr)


Young-Sook Han's Salpuri Chum


Bavno Oro (N Alice Lattimore)
Biserka (N Gisela Reber)
Crnogorka (N Diana Baddeley)
Gerakina (N Alice Lattimore)
Lesnoto Oro (N Gisela Reber)
Potrchulka (N Diana Baddeley)
Ravno Oro (N Diana Baddeley)
Tri Godini Kati (N Gisela Rebe)
Tropnalo Oro (word notes)


Zapin Dance (N Yin-Phing Kean)


Chiapanecas (C Polly Rogers, N Polly Rogers and Jere Aomire)
La Raspa (word notes)
La Raspa (N Ann Hutchinson Guest)
La Raspa (N ? for elementary labanotation students)

Native American

Croatan Indian Steps
Pueblo Indian Corn Dance


Jan Pierewiet (N Pauline de Groot)
Ome Gerritje (N Pauline de Groot)
Rielen (N Pauline de Groot)
Sine la' me los (N Pauline de Groot)
Wilhelmus (N Pauline de Groot)


La Golondriana (N Albrecht Knust)


Tinikling - Couple version
Tinikling - Solo version (N Carl Wolz)


Chodzony - 4 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Chodzony Obrzedowy (N Jacek Marek)
Czapnik (N Roderyk Lange)
Dyna - 3 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Dyna (N Roderyk Lange)
Five Basic Mazurka Steps
Hej na moscie - chodzony (N Roderyk Lange)
Kolomajki beskidzkie - 5 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Koziorajka (N Roderyk Lange)
Krakowiak (N Jacek Harek)
Kujawiak (word notes)
Kujawiak (C Yura Lazowsky)
Kujawiak (N Jacek Marek)
Kujawiak - 2 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Lipka cieszynska (N Roderyk Lange)
Maryneczka (N Jacek Marek)
Marynia (N Roderyk Lange)
Mazurka (N F. Köhler and Albrecht Knust)
Mazurka goleszowska - 2 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Polka Jarocinska (N Roderyk Lange)
Przodak szamotulaki (N Jacek Marek)
Swiniok - 2 versions (N Roderyk Lange)
Wiatr (N Roderyk Lange)
Wielkopolski (N Roderyk Lange)
Wisielok (N Jacek Harek)
Wiwat z Posadowa (N Jacek Marek)


Sasa Siva (N Alice Lattimore)


Brîul (N Gisela Reber)
Ca la Breaza (N Gisela Reber)
Ciuleandra - Preliminary, needs revision (N Reena Lieberman)
Hora din Ties (N D. Baddlely and J. Haas)
Legenyes (N Gisela Reber)
Troaca (N Gisela Reber)
Tropa (N Gisela Reber)
Vulpiuta (N Beth Spencer)


Grossrussischer Tanz (A, N Gisela Reber)
Kalinka (N Irene Cohen)
Kleinrussicher tanz "die Lichtung" (C, N Gisela Reber)
Korobushka (N Joan Gainer)
Korobushka (word notes)
Ras Polozhinku Ja Zh Ala [Chorovod] (N Gisela Reber)
Troika (word notes)
Troika (N Joan Gainer)


Norwegian Polka (word notes)
Schottische (word notes)


Argyll Broadswords
The Black Mill (N Gisela Reber and Albrecht Knust)
Blue Bonnets over the Border (N Gisela Reber)
Earl of Erroll
Flowers of Edinburgh (N Pat Sparrow)
Flora MacDonald's Fancy
Foursome Reel (N Albrecht Knust)
Highland Fling (N Albrecht Knust)
Highland Fling (Transcribed from Knust's Kinetogramm by Riilla Vainia)
Highland Fling (T Jamie Jamison, N Muriel Topaz)
Highland Fling (T Nona Shurman, N Muriel Topaz
Highland Fling (N Odette Blum)
Highland Schottische (N Albrecht Knust)
Highland Fling from Brigadoon
Meg Merrilees
Provost Skene's House (N Gisela Reber)
Reel of Tullouch (N Albrecht Knust)
Road to the Isles (word notes)
Road to the Isles (N Mona Grove)
Rose of Benbecula (N Gisela Reber)
Sailor's Hornpipe (N Barbara Morgan)
Shean Truabhs (N Albrecht Knust)
Sword Dance (N Albrecht Knust)
Village Maid (N Diana Baddeley)


Ajde Lepa Maro (N Gisela Reber)
Bela Rada (N Gisela Reber)
Chachak (N Gisela Reber)
Dajchevo (as performed by Zhivili performing group, Columbus, Ohio - N Stephanie S. Kemper)
Duj-Duj (N Gisela Reber)
Dunda Kolo Vodi (N Gisela Reber)
Ersko Kolo (N Gisela Reber)
Gruzhanka (N Gisela Reber)
Lomsko (N Gisela Reber)
Makazice (N Gisela Reber)
Marinino Kolo (N Gisela Reber)
Moravac (N Gisela Reber)
Nebesko Kolo (N Celia Rudin)
Poskok (N Gisela Reber)
Seljanchica (N Gisela Reber)
Shetnja (N Gisela Reber)
Srba (N Gisela Reber)
Stara Polkica
Tasino Kolo (N Gisela Reber)
Zajecharka (N Gisela Reber)


Matjazhev Rejc (N Otrin-Knust)


Alborado (T Yurek Lazowsky N Joan Gainer)
Alegrios (N Gisela Reber)
Bulerias (C C. Carmona N S. Sindall)
Bolero de Caspé (T Anna Ivanova N Ann Hutchinson Guest)
Bolero de Caspé (T Pilar Perez N Gisela Reber, Francine Warwick, Mechtild Wortmann, Rosemarie Roth, Dörte Schinke, Dagmar v/d Lohe, Aleida Sluyter)
Fandanguillo (N Gisela Reber)
Farruca (N Gisela Rebe)
Jota Variations (D Lester Richey N Ann Hutchinson Guest)
Jota Aragonesa (C, N Gisela Reber
Parada de Valldemosa (N Gisela Reber)
Seguidillas de "El chaleco blanco" (N Gisela Reber)
Sevillanas (N Gisela Reber)


Fyramana (N Jacqueline challet-Haas)
Knytnävspolska (N Gisela Reber)
Sparkdans oder Sprättmasurka (N Gisela Reber)


Ling Dro Dechen Rolmo (n Jane Marriett)
Tibetan Folk Dance I (N Tai Ai-lian)
Tibetan Folk Dance (N Tai Ai-lian)
Yo Tse Baum (N Tai Ai-lien)


Chipikli (word notes)

United States

The Electrics
Hull's Victory (N Mireille Backer)
Liliu E (word notes)
Manitou (N Alice Lattimore)
Marche Quartette
Put Your Little foot (N Alice Lattimore)
Take a Little Peek (N Carolyn Primm
Tree Shells (C Nona Kapua)
Virginia Reel (N Ruth Walton)

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