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Submitting a Labanotation Score



Submitting a LN Score to the DNB Library
Information Needed in the Score
Other Supplementary Information We Value

Submitting a LN Score to the DNB Library

The Dance Notation Bureau Library maintains a unique collection of original Labanotation scores. We are devoted to preserving and housing these materials and to making them as accessible as possible for performance, classroom use, and scholarly research. Below you will find a list of the ancillary materials and format necessary for submitting your score, along with template forms that you can download, if you would like your score to be archived at the DNB Library.

If your score has been created in LabanWriter, we request both a hard copy and an electronic copy. This allows us to check any printouts made from disk to ensure all symbols and the layouts emerge accurately.

Please mail the materials to the DNB Library. If you have any questions regarding the submission, please contact Director of Library Services, Mei-Chen Lu, at


Information Needed in the Score

Title Page:

Title of the dance (indicate if it is an excerpt from a larger work)
Choreographer and date of choreography
Music title, composer and year of the music
Notator and the year of the score's completion
Revision, Version, Edition, Adaptation, or Reconstruction (please refer to Codifying DNB Score and Cataloguing)

Back of the Title Page:

Date of the premiere of work and name of the company
Date of the notated version and name of the staging company
Running time of the work
Notation check (if applicable)
Movement check (if applicable)
Introductory Material/Glossary/Notation update (if applicable)
Notation graphics (if applicable)
Transcription (if applicable)
Artist's restriction notice (if applicable)
The copyright notice, placed at the bottom of the page (if applicable)

Third page (can be omitted if the information below does not apply to your score):

Acknowledgment of benefactor/sponsor (if applicable)

Fourth page:

Blank page

Introductory material should include whatever information below is pertinent to the dance:

Table of contents
Description of the work/choreography
Original and notated-cast lists
Casting information
Production information with the description of costume, lighting, set and/or props
Music background/information
Videotapes/DVD information
Notes to the stager
Bibliography of books or articles about the work and/or choreographer


Other Supplementary Information We Value

Marked music score:

The submitted music score should be marked with the following as applicable --

Title of the dance, choreographer, date of choreography, notator, date of notation
Composer and/or arranger
Year composed
Publisher's information

Title of the dance (notator's last name, year notated) as header in each page
Section of music used and/or not used and in what order if not used in the composer's sequence
Information on music cuts and indication of musical repeats which are eliminated or added
Measure numbers, numbered so that they correspond with the dance score.
Dancer's counts corresponding with the dance score
Identification of thematic movement and movement cues that will help the stager and musician/conductor relate the music to the dance. Music cues for the dancers and dancers' cues for conductor
Sectional markings that appear on the dance score
Sectional markings that appear on the dance score
Entrances and exits
Technical cues, e.g. lighting and curtain
Approximate time lapse between sections

Unmarked music score:

Title of the dance, choreographer, date of choreography, notator, date of notation
Title of the dance (notator's last name, year notated) as header in each page

Audio recording (cassette tape or CD):

Title of the dance and choreographer
Name of music
Composer and/or arranger
Source of the recording, e.g. performing group, conductor, etc
Number of recording, e.g. Columbia Recording #KUL204 (if applicable)
Speed of the tape, e.g. 7 1/2 ips(if applicable)
Date of recording
Special editing instructions, e.g. length of leader to be inserted at the beginning or between sections (if applicable)
Rehearsal/performance quality

Audiovisual (VHS tape or DVD):

Title of the dance and choreographer
University/Dance Company
Date and place of performance/rehearsal
Stager (if applicable)
Coach (if applicable)
Near or long shot
Quality of tape/DVD

Press materials (articles and reviews):

Date of publication


Label following information on the back of each photograph --
Performers and university/company
Date of photograph
List page and measure number in the score if photograph corresponding movement in the score
Note of a posed shot that does not correspond to an actual movement in the dance
digital format in a CD-ROM (if applicable)

Production information (costume swatches and sketches, lighting plots, prop/set designs, designer's contact information, etc.)

Programs, posters and fliers

Reference materials related to choreography (book, poem, film, etc)

Checklist for Labanotation Score

Notator's bio and notation background.

Information on how we can contact the copyright holders (choreographer, composer, company or estate). If they have provided you with written permissions for access to the score, we will need that for our records. We encourage efforts to release the scores for educational use in the classroom (not the same as using the score for performance). Information on who
licenses the work for performance would be very helpful.