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The Dance Notation Bureau (DNB) Library and Archive continues to grow each year with the submission of new scores, updates or revisions of existing scores, and addenda from various notators, stagers, and students. For notation to remain useful and relevant to the dance community, it is vital that the DNB re-evaluate the guidelines and policies, which govern these scores.

Recently the DNB Library not only re-assessed its cataloguing system, but also implemented and brought it online. During this assessment period the DNB realized that it also needed to standardize score terminology, so that manuscripts, which are increasingly being submitted from a wide variety of sources, can be accurately catalogued.

After three-years of in-house discussions as well as consultations with respected colleagues in the fields of Labanotation and Library Sciences, the Dance Notation Bureau Library presents to you the following guidelines:

Codifying DNB Score and Cataloguing Terminology

This document introduces new terminology-used on the title and back of title pages-which covers the wide range of situations under which works are notated as well as identify any changes made to a score that is necessary for cataloguing. This document also includes conditions, procedures, concepts and examples, which illustrate the terms' definitions in addition to where these terms should be placed.

We recommend that you print this document double-sided for easy reading and reference.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the DNB Library at