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Valerie Bettis in "As I Lay Dying" photo: Walter Strate Studio
Valerie Bettis in "The Desperate Heart"
Preservation note: oversized


Alwin Nikolaisphoto by Martha Swope
Preservation note: photo glued to cardboard (cardboard has glue on back)


Murray Louis (2 copies)
Preservation note: photos glued to cardboard, 1 oversized


UCLA - Carol Scothorn directing Doris Humphrey's "Passacaglia and Fugue" Spring 1961. photos by Marvin Silver
(rehearsal shots - woman with score is Carol Scothorn - 2 photos)
[performance shots, 2 photos by Owen Kearney. Man dancing man's solo (Part A?) is Al Huang camera right in rehearsal photo, farthest left in one of performance photo]
Preservation note: 2 oversized photos are bent at sides and ends


"Passacaglia and Fugue" by Doris Humphrey
Dance Magazine August 1966
Lead dancers are Chester Wolensky and Lola Huth.
Staged by Lucy Venable for American Dance Theater


unidentified 3 photos
Preservation note: photos glued on cardboard


Paul Taylor - 1 head shot, 1 of Paul Taylor and Bettie de Jong in "Scudorama"
• Paul Taylor Dance Co. in "Lento"; Karla Wolfangle, Janet Aaron, Jane Kosminsky, Bettie De Jong, Senta Driver, Carolyn Adams. Lento, choreography by Paul Taylor, music by Joseph Hayon, photo: Jack Mitchell
• Paul Taylor Dance Company, Paul Taylor and Bettie de Jong in "Scudorama"
• Paul Taylor Dance Company in "Orbs"; left to right: Dan Wagoner, Bettie de Jong, Paul Taylor, Janet Aaron, Daniel Williams, Jane Kosminsky, Eileen Cropley, Carolyn Adams, and Molly Reinhart
• Paul Taylor Dance Company in "Orbs"; Bettie de Jong, Dan Wagoner, Carolyn Adams, Daniel Williams, Paul Taylor, Molly Reinhart, Janet Aaron, Eileen Cropley, and Jane Kosminsky; photo by Jack Mitchell
• "Three Epitaphs" (probably Paul Taylor and Bettie de Jong)
• Paul Taylor Dance Company; Paul Taylor (right) and dancers: (left to right) Sharon Kinney, Molly Reinhart?, Brit Swanson?, Liz Walton, Dan Wagoner, and Paul Taylor in "Aureole"
• Paul Taylor in "Fibers"
• from left, clockwise: Eileen Cropley?, Paul Taylor, Elizabeth Walton, and Dan Wagoner, in Paul Taylor's "Insects and Heros"
• from Beast, Left to right: Elizabeth Keen?, ??, Paul Taylor, Elizabeth Walton, and Dan Wagoner, ??, in Paul Taylor's "Insects and Heros"
• Paul Taylor in "Piece Period"
• Paul Taylor
• Bettie de Jong and Paul Taylor
• Dan Wagoner, Paul Taylor and Elizabeth Walton
Preservation note: 1 photo glued on cardboard


Ted Shawn - in "Sarabande" (photo: Marcus Blechman)
"Turkey in the Straw" (photo: Jack Mitchell Studio)
Ted Shawn in "Flamenco Dances" Ted Shawn Dancers in "Piéces Froides" Ted Shawn in "The Mevlevi Dervish" (photo: Constantine, Los Angeles)
Ted Shawn and men's company (Shawn in foreground at right)
Ted Shawn from the "Kinetic Molpai"
Ted Shawn, "Barcarolle" (photo: Constantine Photos, Los Angeles)
2 additional from "Kinetic Molpai"
portrait of Ted Shawn (no photo credit)
Ted Shawn with 2 unidentified women, photo by Paul Wilson
Preservation note: 2 small photos may have glue on back


Pearl Primus 4 of Primus, 2 of group works


Norman Walker Dance Company. Photos by Jack Mitchell of Norman Walker, foreground in light colored unitard; Carol Cahan, photo Zachary Freyman
Preservation note: photos glued to cardboard


• Doris Humphrey Dance Theater in Limon - Wolf King's "Heart", photo Stephan, NYC
• Doris Humphrey Dance Theater in Humphrey - "The Race of Life"; photo Stephan, NYC
• Doris Humphrey Dance Theater in Humphrey - Johnson "Dawn in New York"; photo Stephan, NYC


Alicia Markova photo: Walter Strate Studio
Preservation note: oversized


Ruth Currier, 2, 8x10, dance and photographer unidentified


a) Donald McKayle, Irving Burton, William Bales in Sophie Maslow's "The Village I Knew" photo: Arnold Eagle large photo
b) Sophie Maslow, Jane Dudley, William Bales photo: Arnold Eagle large photo
• William Bales (no photo credit)
• Sophie Maslow (in "Folksay"?) (no photo credit)
• Sophie Maslow, William Bales and Jane Dudley (in "The Lonely Ones") (no photo credit)
• Jane Dudley (no photo credit)
• Dudley, Maslow, Bales Trio in "As Poor Richard Says" Poor Richard's Almanac, Gregroy Tucker music (2 copies)
• Maslow, Bales, and Dudley in "The Lonely Ones" with notation of position
• negatives a) b); also negative, Arnold Eagle photo, with no positive
Preservation notes: 2 photos glued to construction paper (1 with notation), 2 oversized copies


Charles Weidman and Mikhail Santaro (Weidman at left) (no photo credit)
• Charles Weidman (with group) photo by Edward Moeller, New York City
• Weidman and ? in "Happy Hypocrite," photo by Barbara Morgan, New York
• Charles Weidman (dance and photographer unidentified)
• Charles Weidman in "Race of Life"
• Charles Weidman in "On My Mother's Side"; "great, great grandfather Hoffman, He settled down"
• Charles Weidman


Myra Kinch(no photo credit)


Pearl Lang in "Shiva" (no photo credit)
Preservation note: oversized


Anne Wilson in Charles Weidman's "Lynchtown" (no photo credit)


Yoma Sasburgh in "Lucifer", "Gymnopedies", "La Buveuse D'Absinthe", and "Folk Song"
Preservation note: photo credits glued on back


Junior Forumat DNB on 63rd Street
• Helen Tamiris with students (2 photos)
• Frank Barber and Patricia Bowman at a Junior Forum (2 photos - one includes Ann Hutchinson)
• Ann Hutchinson at a Junior Forum
• Lenore Englemann all above photos by Jules Rieff
• Zina Bethune, 1957 (1 8x10, and 3 smaller)


Maude Kool, The Hague, Holland 1/67 (date of receipt) photo Hans Knopper (Kool is standing in front of blackboard - 2 photos)
2 additional photos of students (Kool is one, at blackboard?) biography of Maude Kool


High School of The Performing Arts, New York City
• Ann Hutchinson at blackboard, Jamie Rogers sitting center, with HSPA students
• students at HSPA reading scores (photo: Flatow)
• Ann Hutchinson with HSPA students (AH at "wall chart") (photo: Flatow) (2 different photos)
• proofsheets from photo session at HSPA (photos: Flatow)
• negative, Ann Hutchinson and students at HSPA with note, used in exhibit


Els Grelinger at High School for Performing Arts, NYC. Els Grelinger is 4th from left in 4x5 (horizontal) photo and at right, next to blackboard in 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" (vertical) photo (9 small photos and 2 larger ones plus negatives)


children and notation
Maude Kool and her children (students) (3 photos, by Paul Huf Gkf)


children and notation
Lucille McClure, at Toronto Canada, 1956, and at Canadian National Ballet School, Toronto, 1960 (4 photos)


children and notation
Toni Intravia's children (students) Morgentown, West Virginia Intravia's baby class 7/1956


children and notation
Irmgard Bartenieff with children (contact sheet and 3 photos) photos: W. H. Stephan


"Partita V"choreography by Doris Humphrey
reconstruction at Brooklyn College 1964 (1965?) under direction of Betsy Martin, 4 photos
Preservation note: photo credit glued to back of one photo


"Water Study" by Doris Humphrey
reconstructed by Ray Cook at Rhode Island College, Providence, RI Spring 1967 (2 photos by Fannie Helen Mercer, others unidentified)
2 rehearsal photos (one may be of Ray Cook reconstructing either "Shakers" or "Water Study" at Rhode Island College Spring 1967)
plus 3 performance photos


"Song of the West" by Doris Humphrey
reconstruction, Harpur College Feb. 4 and 5, 1966
1 performance photo


"Brandenburg Concerto" choreography by Doris Humphrey
reconstructed by Margaret Patton at Ohio State University performances March 3 & 4, 1967
photos by Harry Blaine (4 photos) (in photo of 2 women, Diane McIntyre is kneeling in foreground, Susannah Payton standing, with leg extended)
Also in same folder:
Humphrey's "Brandenburg Concerto", 1963, directed by Carol Scothorn at UCLA, photo by Marvin Silver. Dancers are identified on back of photo
Preservation note: photo credit glued to back of 4 photos


"New Dance" choreography: Doris Humphrey
reconstructed by James Payton at The Ohio State University March, 1967
photos: Dept. of Photography, Ohio State University
photo of woman jumping is of Vera (Vickie) Blaine
photo of woman on box is Judy Kronen photo of man is Larry Clark
photo of couple: Fred Strickler and Susannah Newman Payton (4 photos total)
Preservation note: photo credits glued to back of photos


Photos used in This Week Magazine
Cynthia Scott, formerly of Ballet Theater with Bradley Smith?
photos: picture dept., This Week Magazine
4 large photographs, plus 1 negative
Preservation note: oversized photos


• Charles Weidman's "Brahms Waltzes", Anne Wilson Dance Company in performance, #13, "Gravity Falls", meas. no. 19,
dancers left to right: Ellen Robbins, John Griffin, Eugene Kocak;
photographer V. Sladon, New York
• Anne Wilson Dance Co., in the performance of Charles Weidman's "Brahms Waltz #14", "Fingers," meas. no. 31,
dancers left to right: Sheila Cabot, Mark Metzner, Ellen Robbins
Preservation note: 2 photos have glue on back
• concert program


The Mass of Christ the King/The Drama of the Mass
Choreographer: Bill Harpe
notator: Ray Cook (far right with score, Bill Harpe is to Cook's right in rehearsal photo)
Liverpool, May, 1967
photos by Reg Cox
performance photo, dancer is Mireya Barboza
2 photos total, plus 3 copies of program


Pantomime Forum
Mata and Hari (3 photos)
photos: Maurice Seymour
plus one of Eugene Hari Teaching April 20, 1963
Alan Miles at far right, notating


DNB conference 1960
contact sheets (5) including:
• the movement movement panel discussion
• research projects:

Ghanaian Dances
Mating Dance of The Jumping Spider
Renaissance Dances

• what is dynamics
photos by Jack Mitchell
Preservation note: something taped to back of 1 photo


Noh Demonstration at DNB Oct. 18, 1964
• 1 contact sheet, 4 color and 4 b&w photos photo with Sadayo Kita, Akiyo Tomeda (dancers) Lucy Venable and Nobuko Venishi (translator, with book?)
photo of Sadayo Kita demonstrating (Noh Actor) Odette Blum at far right of photo, in blue (photographer unidentified)
Preservation note: 3 color photos have tape on bottom


Jazz Forum at Dance Notation Bureau on 63rd Street Jan. 20, 1963. "Exploration of Jazz"
• panel seated at table: Mura Dehn, Leon James, Billie Mahoney, Billy Taylor, Matt Mattox, Walter Nicks
photo: Milton Oleaga
• student performance of "Night Train" choreo: Billie Mahoney
dancers: Christine Pendl, Judd Jones, Susan Stokes
photo: Milton Oleaga
• class photo (Billie Mahoney nearest to mirror)
• class photo (Henry Steiner at tape recorder)
notators at back: Muriel Topaz, Irma Bartenieff and Allan Miles


4th National Notation Conference June 1964 at DNB on 12th St.
photos Milton Oleaga
photographer V. Sladon (3 photos)
• socializing: Celia Rudin, at left in white skirt Judy Bissel facing camera, seated far right
• exhibit prepared by George Chaffee
• class taught by Anne Wilson on Valse Caprice
demonstrators: Horse Krause and Anne Wilson participants from left: Clover Roope, Allan Miles, Lucy Venable, Judy Bissell, Toni Intravia (unidentified)
• session: Lucy Venable at blackboard
participants include: Irmgard Bartenieff, Mireille Backer, Billie Kirpich, Manon Souriau, Allan Miles, Ray Cook, Georgette Amowitz, Toni Intravia
plus proof sheets from conference


Humphrey Weidman
• Charles Weidman (photographer unidentified)
• "The Happy Hypocrite" choreo. by Charles Weidman
dancers: (L-R) José Limón, Doris Humphrey, Charles Weidman (photographer unidentified)
• Humphrey Weidman Company (photographer and piece unidentified)
• 2, 8x10, Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman, unidentified by dance or photographer
• Doris Humphrey and Charles Weidman,
photo by Soichi Sunami, New York
• Doris Humphrey, 4x6, unidentified by dance or photographer
• 2, 8x10, group dances, unidentified
Preservation note: 1 photo (small) has tape on sides and glue on back


Children and notation
with Ann Hutchinson
• proof sheet, at 92nd St. YMHA, New York City, April 11, 1958,
photographer: Radford Bascome
• 3 photos, Ann Hutchinson with Zelia Raye and Olive Ripman, Arts Educational School, England.
photographer: Douglas Elston
• 20 additional photos of Ann Hutchinson teaching notation, with students at same school in England.
photographer: Douglas Elston
• Ann Hutchinson teaching children notation in New York,
photographer: Jules Rieff
Preservation note: several photos have remnants of tape and perhaps glue on back; 1 photo glued to cardboard


Negatives unidentified (1 person in a dance wearing a dress,long hair)


New York City Ballet (photograpers unidentified unless otherwise noted)
• NYCB in "Boureé Fantatsque" (company) (2 photos)
• Nora Kaye and Nicholas Maagallanes in "The Cage" by Jerome Robbins (3 photos)
• Maria Tallchief as Eurydice and Edward Bigelow as Pluto in "Orpheus" by Balanchine with notation of positions
• Tanaquil LeClercq and Jerome Robbins in "Bourre´ Fantasque" by G. Balanchine (2 photos)
• Janet Reed in "Bourreé Fantasque" by George Balanchine
• Patricia Wiled, Herbert Bliss and Company in Balanchine's "Bourreé Fantasque" photo by Fred Fehl
• 2 photos, Maria Tallcheif and Francisco Moncion in "Firebird"
• Francisco Moncion and Nicholas Magellanes in "Orpheus", with notation of position
• Tanaquil LeClercq and Nicholas Magellanes in "Orpheus," with notation of position
• Tanaquil LeClercq and Francisco Moncion in "Afternoon of a Faun"
• rehearsing "Bourreé Fantasque", Robbins and LeClercq
photographer: Harriet Arnold (cut up contact sheets, 2x2 approx, 10 photos)
• Elise Reman and Herbert Bliss in "4 Temperaments"
• piece unidentified, photo by Fred Fehl
Preservation note: 3 photos have acid paper with notation clipped to them and glue on front


Rehearsal for Episodes, NYC Center, April, 1960
photos by Martha Swope
• 4 photos with dancers Judith Green and Nicholas Magallanes, and Myrna Shedlin (in light dress) and Ann Hutchinson (in darker dress)
• 2 photos with George Balanchine, Ann Hutchinson, Myrna Shedlin, Els Grelinger, Michael Lland and (Janet Reed?)
• 4 photos with dancers Judith Green and Nicholas Magallanes; Ann Hutchinson and Michael Lland
Preservation note: 2 photos have photo credits taped to back


Gertrude Snell (Friedman)
Dance Script lesson at Laban's Choreographic Institute in Berlin - Grunewald students (seated L-R): Heinz Rosen, unknown, unknown, Annie Saver, Robert Robst
Preservation note: has photo ID glued to back, at bottom


Teaching of notation
Barbara Hoenig, Canadian National Ballet, July 1955 (3 photos)


Teaching of notation
• Connecticut College, Helen Priest Rogers teaching (6, 8x10 photos; 1, 2x3 approx.)
• Connecticut College, Lucy Venable teaching, summer 1956 (3, 8x10 photos)
• 8x10, unidentified
• negatives
* has negatives put in envelope for now


Teaching of notation
Julliard, lecture-demonstration by DNB at Julliard Recital Hall with R. Joffrey, G. Arpino, J. Watts and Ann Hutchinson
(2 contact sheets, and 5, 5x7 photos)


Hanya Holm, teaching at Jr. dansnotators at DNB Nov. 1958


Teaching of notation
Diana Baddley teaching kinetography at L'Ecole Superience d'Etudes Choreographiques in Paris, April 1958 (Diana Baddley center left - marked with X on back in 1 photos) (3 photos)


Teaching of notation
Philadelphia (Philadelphia Civic Ballet, Philadelphia Musical Academy, etc.)
(3, 8x10 photos; 2, 5x5 approx.; 1, 3x5 approx.)
Preservation note: 2 photos have glue on back


Teaching of notation
Ann Hutchinson with students (probably 1956, photos by Radford Bascome)
(3 contact sheets) (date and photographer identified by envelope clipped to back of contact sheets)


Teaching of notation, miscellaneous
• 2 snapshots at Norman, OK
• 1 from Tokyo
• negatives, unidentified


Teaching of notation Benesh Movement Notation
• 4 photos, Jean Geddis teaching, with Lucy Venable
• 1 photo, Jean Geddis at blackboard, teaching group
• 1 photo, Jean Geddis at upper left, standing with group
• 3 contact sheets


International Council of Kinetography Laban (ICKL)
• Rudolf Laban
• in session, Albrecht Knust standing, Valerie Preston Dunlap to (camera) left of Knust; Lucy Venable and Ann Hutchinson to camera right of Knust, others identified on back of picture
• notating session, with Vera Maletic demonstrating center
• Folkwangschule, Essen, summer 1955
• Knust teaching at Folkwangschule, Essen, summer 1955
• Billie Mahoney, demonstrating, August 1967 at Art of Movement Studio, Addelstone, England (4 photos)
• 1st ICKL, 1961 (1, 8x10; 1, 5x7 and negative of same photo)
•ICKL, 1965
•Albrecht Knust and Maria Szentpal
Preservation note: 1 photo glued to cardboard; several have photo ID glued to back at bottom


"Song of the West" choreography by Doris Humphrey
Harpur College Feb. 4&5, 1966
directed by Linda Graney, Harpur College Dance Group (dancers listed on 3x5 card) 6 photos


Karoly Barta1960(2 photos)
photographs by Paul Hansen


Children and notation,miscellaneous
Preservation note: 2 photos have glue on back


Notated photographs (folder)
William Bales "Peon Portraits"
Eve Gentry "Bitter Sweet Blues"
Harald Kreutzberg "Merry Pranks of Till Eulenspiegel"
Hans Zuellig (2) "Ballade" and "Spring Tale"
La Meriin a Hindu dance
Lew Christinsen and Grisela Caccialanza
Tanaquil LeClercq and Francesco Moncion in "Symphony in C"
William Bales and Sophie Maslow in "Folksay"
Donald McKayle, Mark Ryder, William Bales in "The Champion"
Jane Dudley in "Cante Flamenco"
Preservation note: photos and notation in plastic sleeves


Laban's First Notation System
pg.53 from ?
"Kombiniert Skalen und Feigenschlüssen, aus Hauptrich Tungen die doppelt begangen mit Dimensionalen wedern
Preservation note: oversized, deteriorating at edges


Alvin Ailey Company
• Alvin Ailey
• unidentified
• Alvin Ailey and Company
• Alvin Ailey and Company in "Blues Suite"
• Alvin Ailey and Company in "Revelations"
• Alvin Ailey and Company in "Road of the Phoebe Snow"
Preservation note: photos glued to cardboard


"A Lecture on the Laban System"(illustrations)


Movement Analysis "octapus"
illustrating the many arms of the DNB
drawn by Nicholas Nahumck


Nadia Chilkovsky
various photos at Philadelphia Music Academy and in England
Preservation note: glue on back of several photos, photo ID glued on back


Eve Gentry
notated photograph
Preservation note: yarn strings attached to photo and notation


I.S.T.D. - photos taken at a cocktail party (participants identified)
including: Mary Skeaping, Sigurd Leeder, Zelia Raye, Ann Hutchinson, Hanya Holm


José Limón
• 1, 8x10 (dance is unidentified)
• 8 negatives of Limón; "Choreographic Offering" (2), "Lament" (1)
• with arm extended, piece unidentified
• with 2 other figures, "Lament"
• floor plan, "Choreographic Offering"
• group holding hands and large group with person lifted are "Choreographic Offering"
• notation that goes with holding hands
• notation of pose in "Lament" (figure in foreground) • (probably notation of lifted figure)
also: José Limón in "La Malinche" photo: Walter Strate Studio
Preservation note: oversized


Cinetograms by Irma Dombois - Bartenieff and Albrecht Knust, fifty portraits of American athletes by Stowitts
(notation only, no photographs)


Ballet, miscellaneous
• Zachary Solov
• Titiana Grantzeva
• Titiana Grantzeva and Polajenko
photographer: Maurice Seymour
• Beryl Grey as the Lilac Fairy,
photo by Houston Roger
• 3 dancers, Eugene Loring at right?
photo by Michael Kidd
• Anne Wilson
• Anne Wilson, photo by Trude Fleischman
• photographer? Anthonly Crickmay (2 photos)
• unidentified
Preservation note: several photos have photo ID glued to back


Ann Hutchinson and Ivor Guest, wedding photos
10 photos, various


Ann Hutchinson (various)
Preservation note: several photos glued to cardboard and several have glue on back


First Chamber Dance Quartet
Lois Bewley, Bill Carter and ?
3, 8x10 photographs


Doris Humphrey,
5 photos, unidentified by dance or photographer


Teaching notation, miscellaneous
• Dimitri (Basil Easton), with students in Rio de Janeiro Nov. 1958
• Barbara Hoenig teaching in Canada
• Ann Hutchinson, teaching at High School of Performing Arts (Winter, 1959?)
photo by Radford Boscome
• Nadia Chilkovsky, Michael Lopuszanski (sp?), Joanne Emmons?, Ann Hutchinson, Alicia Craig in Philedelphia
• Class taught by Gertrude Shure with Ann Hutchinson assisting jr. dansnotator Harriet Dollin writing technique
• (1) 2x2 from Essen-Werden
• negatives, Ann Hutchinson, teaching at Julliard


Philadelphia Civic Ballet, Alicia Craig


Martha Graham (2 oversize photos)
Martha Graham's Company 6, 8x10
Preservation notes: glue on back of photos, paper info needs to be kept with photos, also several oversized)


teaching of notation,
Hallenbeck School of the Dance, Albany NY.
Photo credit: the Hague Studio: 5, 8x10
Gertrude Hallenbeck
Hallenbeck School of the Dance Albany, NY
Preservation note: glue on back of photos (ID of photos glued on)


Fialka, on Mime (at DNB on 12th Street)
(snapshots and negatives)


Hanya Holm (1, 5x6)
Hanya Holm and Group, 1936 photo: Thomas Bouchard 1, 8x10


Irmgard Bartenieff
8x10 photo, article


Founders (3 of 4) of DNB
• Helen Rogers, Eve Gentry, Ann Hutchinson, (1)
• Helen Priest Rogers (3)
Preservation note: 1 photo glued to cardboard


Ann Hutchinson - party honoring her 20th year with DNB


DNB Locations at W. 63rd (1963), 8 E. 12th (1964)


DNB meeting at 33 W. 8th St. (Ann Hutchinson's apartment)


People instrumental in work of DNB
• Marian Van Loen (1, 6x6 and proof sheets)
• Billie Mahoney, article
• Els Grelinger
• Katrine Amory Hooper
• Barbara Hoenig Wolfson and JoAnn Emmons
(1, 4x4? and 6, 2x2 and 3 negatives)
• Dimitri (Basil Easton) teaching in Rio de Janeiro
• Jacqueline Ogg in Soliloquy, Dance Theatre Co.


Albrecht Knust, party honoring him
• photo of Knust, 1956
• proof sheets (large pictures)


DNB Board meeting (actually on 20th Street, according to Lucy Venable, even though the stamp says 12th St.)
Preservation note: 1 photo has glue on back


DNB event (63rd St.?)
(various people associated with DNB)
Preservation note: photos have glue on back


(2) proof sheets: at top, 1st DNB office on 6th Ave. (the elevator shaft)
rest must be small studio connected with The Joffrey (studio)
probably a June event, according to Lucy Venable


DNB event (various people associated with DNB, identified on back)
Preservation note: glue on back (at edges)


"Shakers", choreography by Doris Humphrey
• (on card stock, 6) reconstruction by Caroline Lewis April 8, 1965 dancers identified on card and on back of photo,
photos by Eleanor Lauer
• directed by Lucy Venable (1, 8x10) Spring 1966 at Rhode Island College (dancers identified on back)
photos by Fannie May Melcer
• directed by Ray Cook at Rhode Island College 1967 (2, 8x10)
• reconstructed by Toni Intravia May 14, 1966
• "Shakers", National Ballet, Washington, DC 1968-69 season
1 photo, Nov. 1968, programs, letters, publicity
• in London, performance at Sigurd Leeder's studio (1, 4x6?);
(1, 4x6?), Sigurd Leeder, Ann Hutchinson and "Shakers" cast;
(1, 6x8) Ted Shawn, Ann Hutchinson, Sigurd Leeder in London, at time of "Shakers" Performance;
performance at Sigurd Leeder's studio in London 1956 or 1957 (1, 4x6)
• Ann Hutchinson notating section of "Shakers" (1, 8x10)
• "Shakers" rehearsal, 1949 (1, 8x10) Ann Hutchinson with Doris Humphrey and dancers (dancers identified on back)
• postcard, Shaker Village in Hancock, Mass, 1966.
• "Shakers" at University of Hawaii, April 1966
directed by Carl Wolz and Ruth Currier (1 photo and program)
• cover of Dance Observer, with Doris Humphrey as the Eldress (center)
photo by Barbara Morgan
• reconstructed by Toni Intravia at Southern Illinois University, May 1966 (4, 8x10)
• "Shakers" at Harper College 1965 (1, 8x10)
photo by Joseph Arcisiewski
• directed by ? Lavina (Nielson) Hovinga program, Miami University March 11, 1967
• program, directed by Nona Schurman and Lucy Venable
• program, Southern Illinois University, May 14, 1966
• Ray Cook, coach, University of Chicago April 20 & 21, 1968 (2 programs)
• Elvi Moore, director at the Ohio State University, photos on cover from film made at OSU (1 program)
• program, U.C. Riverside, Fred Strickler director
Preservation note: several photos have cardboard glued on back


• Notation window at Solomonoff's (music gifts store) May 1954 (1, 8x10)
• window at Kamin bookshop May 1954 (1, 8x10)
• exhibit at 58th St. NY Public Library May 1954 (1, 8x10)
• (10, 3x3 and negatives) exhibit June 1960 (place unidentified)
• 4 proof sheets, Ann Hutchinson and unidentified dancer, notation with charts and floor symbols


Philadelphia TV show,
Ann Hutchinson and Nadia Chilkovsky (2); Nadia Chilkovsky with (?) (1); group, with Ann and Nadia, notation picture (1) and negatives


Rudolf Laban
• Laban with icosohedron (2 photos, negative, and journal cover with same)
• 2 photos (head and shoulders, 3x4?)
• Laban with Lisa Ullman, Nadia Chilkovsky and Ann Hutchinson (2)
• Lisa Ullman (1) 1975
• (2) Ann Hutchinson, Laban, Lisa Ullman
• (2) Rudolf Laban
Preservation note: several photos have photo ID glued to back


Merce Cunningham and Company
• Merce Cunningham (head shot, 2)
• with Viola Farber in "Crises" photo by John Wulp
• Cunningham, photo by Arnold Eagle
• in "Changeling", photo by Richard Rutledge
• Carolyn Brown
• with Carolyn Brown • with company (dancers identified on back)
• company, 1966
• in "Antic Meet", photo Richard Rutledge
• with Carolyn Brown, photo Richard Bascome
• Merce Cunningham, photo by Richard Bascome
• with Company
• Merce Cunningham (8x10)
• Merce Cunningham (4, 5x7?)
• with Company, photo by Edward McNealy
• Merce Cunningham (8x10)
• with Judith Dunn and Marilyn Wood, photo Edward McNealy
• with Viola Farber
• with Carolyn Brown
• in "Changeling", photo by Richard Rutledge
Preservation note: photos with glue on back (glued to cardboard, etc.) placed in separate folders


Chubby Checker in "The Twist"
(2) of Checker alone
(3) with Billie Mahoney and band


Ai Lien TAI (DAI)
(2, 8x10)


Miscellaneous photos, ethnic dance
• (4) Jemela Omar, "belly dancer" (1964 conference, according to Lucy Venable)
• Peter de Falco, photo by Walter E. Owen
• La Meri, Java, (photo by?) Blechman
• Hadassah in Durga tala, photo by Marcus Blechman
• Hadassah in "Fable" (with negative)
• Richard Stuart and Vanya
• Ruth St. Denis marked "Chicago, July 14th (no year)
• Josefina Garcia (2)
• La Meri
Preservation note: several photos have glue on back, are glued to cardboard, or have photo ID glued to back

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