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 1928 - Rudolf Laban first publishes Labanotation system

1940 - Labanotation brought to the U.S. and DNB founded by Ann Hutchinson Guest, Helen Priest Rogers, Eve Gentry and Janey Price.

Founders of the Dance Notation Bureau (left to right): Helen Priest Rogers, Eve Gentry, Ann Hutchinson Guest (Not pictured - Janey Price)

1942 - A complete notation score of Eugene Loring's Billy The Kid is produced, the first ballet recorded in the United States. Mr. Loring requests the score to help establish his ownership of the choreography.

1948 - Doris Humphrey's Shakers is notated. Today this work is staged from the score all over the world.

1948 - Ballet Society, predecessor to the New York City Ballet, commissions the DNB to record four of Balanchine's ballets: Symphony in C, Orpheus, Symphonie Concertante, and Seranade.

1950 - The dances by Hanya Holm for the Broadway musical Kiss Me Kate are notated for copyright purposes becoming the first score to be accepted for copyright registration by the Library of Congress in 1952.

1954 - The first edition of Ann Hutchinson's textbook Labanotation is published.

1958 - Balanchine's Symphony in C "First Movement" staged from the score for the School of Performing Arts. The first of many stagings from scores in both ballet and modern dance.

1968 - The DNB Extension for Education and Research founded as part of the program of the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University (OSU)

1978 - DNB publishes Doris Humphrey: The Collected Works, Vol. I. The publication represents the first time that a collection of notated dances by a major choreographer is available for purchase.

1981 - The DNB begins a project to notate 6 of Antony Tudor's works.

1984 - 18 of George Balanchine's ballets are notated over a three year period with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

1987 - The first version of LabanWriter, computerized software for Labanotation, is completed and distributed by the Dance Notation Bureau Extension for Education and Research at The Ohio State University.

1992 - With funding from The Ford Foundation, the Fund for Dance Notation is inaugurated. Choreographers can apply to get their work notated at no cost to them.

1992 - DNB publishes Doris Humphrey: The Collected Works, Vol. II.

1999 - The DNB receives a Save America's Treasures grant to document up to 10 significant dances by the country's greatest choreographers.

1999 - The DNB launches the Theory Bulletin Board.

2000 - The DNB wins a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop software that can mesh computer animation with LabanWriter to produce what will be called LabanDancer, which can automatically realize notation of the Elementary Labanotation syllabus for a single figure seen from any angle on screen .

2006 - The DNB receives grants to document works by Martha Graham.

2010 - The DNB Library launched the online Notated Theatrical Dances Catalog.

2014 - The DNB notated four works by Trisha Brown.

2015 - The DNB begins to offer Labanotation. Motif Notation, and Teacher Certification Course in China.

2016 - 15 of Martha Graham's ballets are notated over a ten year period.