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If you have any story relates to the DNB or notation, please send it to Oona Haaranen at ohaaranen@optimum.net. The DNB news will be published twice a year.

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Newest DNBulletin
Winter 2010 (Volume 12, Number 1, pdf file, 5.9MB)
Contents: News from the DNB; Interview with Jennifer Garda, News from the DNB Extension; Interview with Patty Harrington Delaney.
Past DNBulletins

Winter 2008-09 (Volume 11, Number 2, pdf file, 228K)
Contents: Entrances and Exists; News from the DNB; News from the DNB Extension; Interview with Mary Corey; Score of Morris Exercises; Interview with Mira Kim.

Spring 2008 (Volume 11, Number 1, pdf file, 240K)
Contents: Peter Quanz; Mounting Steps at OSU; News from the DNB; News from the DNB Extension; Interview with Sandra Aberkalns; 2008 Global Laban Celebration; DNB Wish List.

Fall 2007 (Volume 10, Number 2, pdf file, 880K)
Contents: Dr. Guest Celebrates Her Birthday and Updated Book Launch; ICKL 2007: New Mixture and Lively Presentations; News from DNB; News from the DNB Extension at OSU; Interview with Notator Ray Cook; Limón Living Archive Project; In Memoriam; Membership Drive; Wish List.

Spring 2007 (Volume 10, Number 1, pdf file, 200K)
Contents: Interview with New Directors; SMU: A New LN Center; Report from OSU; New Elementary Exams; Sagittal Forward Progress; Interview with V. Mockabee; Announcements from DNB.

Fall 2005 (Volume 9, Number 1, pdf file, 36K)
Contents: Got Through All of Last Year, and We're Here; The New Team; New Approaches to Teacher Training; Training the Notators; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension.

Spring 2005 (Volume 8, Number 3, pdf file, 144K)
Contents: Spotlight: Cascade of New Texts; Other Publication News; Profile; Notation in Russia; And in Texas, and in Jamaica; ICKL in London; The Library; OSU Extension.

Winter 2005 (Volume 8, Number 2, pdf file, 404K)
Contents: From Ilene Fox; A Lot of Help From Our Friends; Spotlight: Afternoon of a Faun; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension; What Does That Mean By You?; LN's Activist in Taiwan.

Fall 2004 (Volume 8, Number 1, pdf file, 40K)
Contents: Benefit Parties Everywhere; Spotlight: Martha Graham; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension; Four Conferences in Asia; And There She Goes Again; New on Board; Faithful Members.

Spring 2004 (Volume 7, Number 3, pdf file, 56K)
Contents: Ohio Notation Summit; Delmas Foundation Supports Two Scores; Spotlight: Pilobolus' Second, Delaney's First; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension News; Dance Treasures on Tour; I'll Just Phone the Score; *Send Me a Card*.

Winter 2004 (Volume 7, Number 2, pdf file, 72K)
Contents: May Benefit; Spotlight: Building LabanDancer; Profile; 'Smart' Software Summit; Robbins Foundation Requests Encore; The Library; OSU Extension News; Notators in Print; Funds for Restaging.

Fall 2003 (Volume 7, Number 1, pdf file, 56K)
Contents: Fox's 25th Saluted; Beverly Jensen; Spotlight: First Mark Morris Score; Profile; Visualizing the Score; Ann Hutchinson Guest Honored; The Newest Notator; Successful Y Conference; The Library; OSU Extension News; Panel Beat; Conference Call; Call for Members.

Spring 2003 (Volume 6, Number 3, pdf file, 52K)
Contents: Micky Topaz, 1932-2003; Asian Conference Rescheduled; Correction; Spotlight: Tudor on Stage; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension News; Summer at the Y with Guest; Hill/Wolz Award to Mira Kim.

Winter 2003 (Volume 6, Number 2, pdf file, 152K)
Contents: Benefit Toast at Graham; Staff Moves; Spotlight: Dual Notators; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension News; Debugging LW 4.4; Taiwan Conference's Draw; Broadcast News.

Fall 2002 (Volume 6, Number 1, pdf file, 56K)
Contents: New Foundation Support; Spotlight: an Enhanced Artist/LN Restager Collaboration; Profile; The Library; OSU Extension News; Margot Lehman Project: Standing Room Only; Dance Notation (Speakers') Bureau; Department of Enduring Fame.

Spring 2002 (Volume 5, Number 3, pdf file, 104K)
Contents: Les Salons du Bureau II, Tudor's Planets Redivivus; Sally Brayley Bliss Profile; A French Champion for LN; ICKL Calls for Papers; Library Report; OSU Extension News; Long-Distance Learning; Dance Notation (Speakers') Bureau; Finally, the DNB Note Card Series; LN Serving You II; Matchmaking ABT+DNB.

Winter 2002 (Volume 5, Number 2, pdf file, 76K)
Contents: Les Salons du Bureau; Farewell to Carl Wolz; Legacy, for the World; Lynne Weber Profile; LODC Courses and New Patrons; Task Force on LN Teacher Certification; Library Report; OSU Extension News; Notation on Their Minds in Texas; On Naming What We Do; Fox in Ballet Review.

Fall 2001 (Volume 5, Number 1, pdf file, 120 K)
Contents: 11 September 2001; New Board Leadership; A Team for Robbins project; When the Memory-Based Restager Is Notation-Trained; Mira Kim Profile; Alliance of Dance Notation Educators; Notator Hired for German Company Staff; Library Report; OSU Extension News; Broadcast News; Fox to Address Brazil Conference.

Spring 2001 (Volume 4, Number 3, pdf file, 48 K)
Contents: NEH Funds Interface; Enhancing Effort in Ailey Scores; Notators Onward, Upward; Ambassador in Asia; Library Report; OSU Extension News; LN for Anthropology; Broadcast News.

Winter 2001 (Volume 4, Number 2, pdf file, 60 K)

Contents: DNB's Broadway; Disappearing Legacies; Leni Wylliams, With a Little Help from His Friends; Library Report; OSU Extension News; Honorary Board Formed; Hines Taps Mahoney; LN as a Language; Goodbye, Earl, and Thanks.

Fall 2000 (Volume 4, Number 1, pdf file, 52 K)
Contents: Honored by Our Own; Saving America's Agnes de Mille; Bob Shapiro Profile; Notation Teachers' Website; Library Report; OSU Extension News; Earl Ubell on Past and Future; Restaging Assistance Available; DNB Presence in DC, Tokyo.

May 2000 (Volume 3, Number 3, pdf file, 7.3MB)
Contents: Happy Anniversary to Us; The Guest of Honor; Brief History, in Milestones; The Notators; The Library; Shepherds; The DNB Extension for Education and Research at The Ohio State University; Professional Counsel; Laban Movement Analysis; The School.

Winter 2000 (Volume 3, Number 2, pdf file, 3.4MB)
Contents: May Anniversary Party; 60th Anniversary Repertory Project; Runup to the 60th: Profile; The Library; Join Us on LabanTalk; Extension News; Advanced Text Update; LN at La Scala.

Fall 1999 (Volume 3, Number 1, pdf file, 2.7MB)
Contents: Database Planning Grant; Helen Priest Rogers Collection; Spotlight: Erick Hawkins; Runup to the 60th; The Library; ICKL at Barcelona; Extension News; CLIP to Learn Elementary LN; Millennium Dates.

Spring 1999 (Volume 2, Number 3, pdf file, 2.7MB)
Contents: Saving Dance Treasures; www.dancenotation.org; Runup to the 60th; Realizing the Full Value of Scores; How Has LN Served You? The Library; Extension News; Hoffman's New Technology.

Winter 1999 (Volume 2, Number 2, pdf file, 3MB)
Contents: Gala to Honor Reinharts; Helen Priest Rogers; Spotlight: First Forsythe; Opening the House; Runup to the 60th; The Library; Dancing in the Millennium; Extension News; At the Conferences; Mason's Guest; Motif Video; Life Forms/LabanWriter Update.

Fall 1998 (Volume 2, Number 1, pdf file, 1.6MB)
Contents: New Home for DNB; The Maria Grandy Circulating Collection; Spotlight; Lucy Venable Honor; ADF's Margot Lehman Project; Finds; Notators at CORD; The Library; Extension News; Offenbach in Missouri.

Spring 1998 (Volume 1, Number 3, pdf file, 1.6MB)
Contents: Maria Grandy Schorr, 1937-1998; Major Grant from NIPAD; With A Little Help from Our Friends; Guggenheim for Ann Hutchinson Guest; The Library; Extension News; DNB at the Conferences; Spotlight.

Winter 1998 (Volume 1, Number 2, pdf file, 1.7MB)
Contents: DNB Honors Terlizzi; 1999 in Philadelphia Update; Notator Training; Spotlight; NEA Funds Interface Project; Graphic Aids Available; Website link; Call for Notation Sessions; Humphrey Coaching Videos; PAC matters; Hong Kong Activities; Extension News.

Fall 1997 (Volume 1, Number 1, pdf file, 1.7MB)
Contents: We're Back; Ann Hutchinson Guest Honored; Spotlight; 1999 in Philadelphia; On The Road; Passing the Torch; The Library; Muriel Topaz, Guggenheim Fellow; Extension News; The New Elementary Labanotation Study Guide is Now Available.