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Newest Library News

Fall Issue 2023 (Volume 18, Number 1, pdf file, 12MB)
Content: My Experience with Lester Horton's "The Beloved" and Its Power to Promote Change; News from the DNB

Past Library News

Spring Issue 2023 (Volume 17, Number 2, pdf file, 12MB)
Content: Kinetography in Hungary; In Memory of Ray Cook

Fall Issue 2022 (Volume 17, Number 1, pdf file, 24.2MB)
Content: Diana Byer, the New Director of Education; The Next Generation of Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 2021 (Part II); Judy Coopersmith (1933-2022); small town Big Dreams, the Life of Nancy Zeckendorf

Summer Issue 2022 (Volume 16, Number 4, pdf file, 7.7MB)
Content: The Next Generation of Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 2021 (Part I).

Spring Issue 2022 (Volume 16, Number 3, pdf file, 848KB)
Content: Billie Mahoney (1927-2022): A Tribute by Ann Hutchinson Guest; Billie Mahoney: A Tribute by Christine Colby Jacques; Ann Hutchinson Guest, Dancer, Notator, Founder, Educator, Innovator (1918-2022).

Winter Issue 2022 (Volume 16, Number 2, pdf file, 36.8MB)
Content: Relections on My Studies of Labanotation and Laban Movement Analysis.

Fall Issue 2021 (Volume 16, Number 1, pdf file, 2MB)
Content: Have you ever wondered how to make a robot dance? Just teach it Labanotation. Katsu Ikeuchi, a Senior Principal Research Manager for Microsoft, and his colleague Machiko Sato, a postdoctoral dance researcher at Ochanomizu University in Japan, have made major contributions to the worlds of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and dance.

Summer Issue 2021 (Volume 15, Number 4, pdf file, 4.3MB)
Content: Labanotation Archives at The Ohio State University Libraries: DNB Collection and Recent Accessions from Field Legends; News from the Dance Notation Bureau Extension Center for Education and Research at the Department of Dance at The Ohio State University 2020-2021

Spring Issue 2021 (Volume 15, Number 3, pdf file, 43.5MB)
Content: Meet Your New Newsletter Editor: Hannah Russ; Dance Notation Buerau and Its Collection of Labanotation Scores

Winter Issue 2020 (Volume 15, Number 2, pdf file, 57.2MB)
Content: The Adventure, Development and Rise of Kinetography Laban in France. Part II: From 1990 up to the Present

Fall Issue 2020 (Volume 15, Number 1, pdf file, 1.6MB)
Content: The Value of Dance Notation in an Increasingly Digital World

Summer Issue 2020 (Volume 14, Number 4, pdf file, 20MB)
Content: The Documentation of COVID-19 through Dance Theory and Public Health Inforgraphics; Recommended reading from the DNB Library: Effort Observation and Effort Assessment in Rehabilitation

Spring Issue 2020 (Volume 14, Number 3, pdf file, 20MB)
Content: Visual Works Inspried by Rudolf Laban; Signs in a System: Jean Kirsten's Engagement with Rudolf Laban; Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Winter Issue 2020 (Volume 14, Number 2, pdf file, 33MB)
Content: Staging from Score: A Professional Commitment to the Field; Recent Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Fall Issue 2019 (Volume 14, Number 1, pdf file, 35MB)
Content: Trees, Forests and Labanotation; Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future; Upcoming Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Summer Issue 2019 (Volume 13, Number 4, pdf file, 40MB)
Content: Challenges and Triumphs in Staging Doris Humphrey's Partita, op. 1 in G major; Recent Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Spring Issue 2019 (Volume 13, Number 3, pdf file, 48.5MB)
Content: Making Notation History: Taking Teacher Certification to China; Recent Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Winter Issue 2019 (Volume 13, Number 2, pdf file, 2.1MB)
Content: The Adventure, Development and Rise of Kinetography Laban in France; Recent Stagings from Labanotation Scores

Fall Issue 2018 (Volume 13, Number 1, pdf file, 2.1MB)
Content: Margret Morris 1891-1980; Labanotation is Alive and Well

Summer Issue 2018 (Volume 12, Number 4, pdf file, 2.1MB)
Content: To Count or Not to Count

Spring Issue 2018 (Volume 12, Number 3, pdf file, 15.7MB)
Content: Symposium on Nijinsky's Faune

Winter Issue 2018 (Volume 12, Number 2, pdf file, 1.6MB)
Content: Observations on the Teaching of Labanotation

Fall Issue 2017 (Volume 12, Number 1, pdf file, 940KB)
Content: The Happiest of Birthdays to Our Dear Ann Hutchinson Guest!! Ideas for Ensuring the Future of Labanotation

Summer Issue 2017 (Volume 11, Number 4, pdf file, 19.6MB)
Content: How I Survived as a Notator

Spring Issue 2017 (Volume 11, Number 3, pdf file, 9.6MB)
Content: High-Impact Possibilities for Student/Faculty Collaborative Labanotation Projects

Winter Issue 2017 (Volume 11, Number 2, pdf file, 1.3MB)
Contents: Embodying History through Katherine Dunham's Choros I: A Dance Literacy Model for Teaching Labanotation; Billie Mahoney Reports from Kansas City, December, 2016.

Special Issue 2016 (Volume 11, Number 1, pdf file, 2.2MB)
Contents: Happy Birthday, Ann Hutchinson Guest; The Grinnell Experience; An Austrian Experience.

Summer/Fall 2016 (Volume 10, Number 4, pdf file, 21.7MB)
Content: Hooked on Labanotation (Part Two).

Spring 2016 (Volume 10, Number 3, pdf file, 87MB)
Content: How I Got Hooked on Labanotation (Part One).

Winter 2015/2016 (Volume 10, Number 2, pdf file, 29MB)
Content: Dance on Paper: The Library's First 75 Years.

Fall 2015 (Volume 10, Number 1, pdf file, 30MB)
Contents: Early Development and Publications in Kinetography Laban/Labanotation; Els Grelinger (1923-2015)

Summer 2015 (Volume 9, Number 4, pdf file, 3.7MB)
Content: The Symphony in C Saga

Spring 2015 (Volume 9, Number 3, pdf file, 1.6MB)
Content: Restaging Knust's Walzer

Winter 2014 (Volume 9, Number 2, pdf file, 9.5MB)
Content: Labanotation: A New Notation for Percussionists & Composers

Fall 2014 (Volume 9, Number 1, pdf file, 1.7MB)
Content: Special Issue: 1943 Newsletter

Summer 2014 (Volume 8, Number 3, pdf file, 35.2MB)
Contents: Birth, Love, Death: A Diary of Pina Bausch's Wind von West in Germany and America; DNB 75th Anniversary in 2015

Winter 2014 (Volume 8, Number 2, pdf file, 429K)
Content: Staging Blind – The Contrasting Experiences of Staging Martha Graham's Celebration, and the Advanced Labanotation Certification Reading Project

Fall 2013 (Volume 8, Number 1, pdf file, 6.9MB)
Contents: Air for the G String and The Shakers; The Karsavina Syllabus: A Personal Journey; The Legacy of Hanya Holm: Don Redlich Remembers

February 2013 (Volume 7, Number 2, pdf file, 3.9MB)
Contents: October 2011 in New York; Processing the DNB History Files: An Adventure in Organizing; Directing the Dance Legacy of Doris Humphrey

September 2012 (Volume 7, Number 1, pdf file, 3.2MB)
Contents: Labanotation Translated into Chinese; Labanotation - The Textbook; Preface to Chinese Labanotation Text

February 2012 (Volume 6, Number 2, pdf file, 420K)
Contents: Notating Suite of Three: 3 Solos by Jean Erdman; Diary of a Dance: Charles Weidman's Opus 51

September 2011 (Volume 6, Number 1, pdf file, 624K)
Contents: A Choreographer Reflects on Ariadne: from Life, to Art, to Dance Notation; DNB Collection at The Ohio State University's Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute

February 2011 (Volume 5, Number 2, pdf file, 384K)
Contents: Giving My Works, Rainwood and Ariadne, New Life through Labanotation; Staging Dances from Labanotation Scores

September 2010 (Volume 5, Number 1, pdf file, 1.4M)
Content: In Celebration of Anna Sokolow's Centennial 1910-2010

March 2010 (Volume 4, Number 2, pdf file, 5M)
Contents: Laban Restages Primitive Mysteries: A Collaboration Between Kinesthetic Memory and Labanotation; The ICKL Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

September 2009 (Volume 4, Number 1, pdf file, 2.1M)
Contents: Lynchtown, presenting Humanity Through Labanotation; How Does One Arrange a Staging With the DNB?

March 2009 (Volume 3, Number 2, pdf file, 400K)
Contents: Libraries - Treasure Troves for the Labanotator; Join our Emailing List; The DNB has Moved and with it the Library!!

September 2008 (Volume 3, Number 1, pdf file, 636K)
Contents: What It Takes to Produce a Score; The Life of a Score – once It Arrives at the DNB Library; DNB Membership Drive; New Acquisitions

February 2008 (Volume 2, Number 2, pdf file, 3.6M)
Contents: Celebrating José Limón's 100th Anniversary in 2008 (1908-1972); Centennial Celebration in Honor of Antony Tudor (1908-1987); New Acquisitions

September 2007 (Volume 2, Number 1, pdf file, 3.5M)
Contents: Brenda Farnell and the Laban Script in Anthropology Studies; Translation Project Progressing; Notated Theatrical Dances 2008 Edition; En Dolor; New Acquisitions

February 2007 (Volume 1, Number 2, pdf file, 1.3M)
Contents: Martha Graham's Works at the DNB Library; Recreation of Witch Dance; Do You Know? New Acquisitions

August 2006 (Volume 1, Number 1, pdf file, 84K)
Contents: Scores of Dance for Walt Whitman, Loïe Fuller's Fire Dance; Other Acquisitions; Thank You!; DNB Extension; New Acquisitions from the DNB Extension; DVD - La Danse Libre de Malkovsky (2006); Book Sale