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Chinese Dance
Modern Dance


Balanchine, George. Ballet classes.

Balanchine, George; et al. Ballet reading materials. Notated by Odette Blum and Rose Lorenz, 1970.

Ballet ABC. Notated Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1966.

Ballet for beginners. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1957.

Ballet studies. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1960.

Cecchetti. A second ballet reader. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1965.

_____. A third ballet reader. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1966.

[Cecchetti method] Craske, Tudor, et al. ClassicalbBallet. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1959.

Chadinoff, Atty. Danse classique. Notated by M. L. Charcosset, 1976.

Craske, Margaret. [Untitled] Notated by Iona McKenzie.

Enchaînements des klassischen Tanzes in Kinetogrammen. Notated by Aleida Sluijter, 1968.

Flower festival at Genzano. Notated by Jerome Weiss.

Gelabert, Raoul. Fundamental barre. Notated by Joan Ingalls.

Ivanov, Lev. Les cygnets. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1964.

Kirstein, L.; Stuart, M. Notation of sections from classical ballet. Notated by Harry Bernstein, 1954.

Labanotation for ballet dancers. Notated by Allan Miles, 1972.

Lanza, Emily. Ballet exercises across the floor. Notated by Emily Lanza.

Linchine, David. Variations from Graduation Ball. Notated by Muriel Topaz, 1974.

Maris, Laura. Classical study. Notated by Georg Lais.

Pereyaslavec. Etude for ballet class. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1963.

Petipa and Foline. Ballet collection. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1963.

Raines, Walter. Men’s class. Notated by Jane Marriett, 1981.

Saint-Léon, et al. Ballet collection. Notated by Miles Smith, et al, 1980.

Tudor, Antony. Adagio combinations. Notated by Ray Cook and Sarah Ford. 1963.

_____. Adagio exercises. Notated by Sarah Ford, 1963.

_____. Ballet technique. Notated by Iona McKenzie, 1952.

_____. Tudor ballet classes. Notated by a student notator, 1971.

_____. Joffrey, Robert; et al. Enchaînements for today, 1960.

Vaganova, Agrippina. Fundamentals of the classical dance. Notated by Laughlin and Gracey, 1958.

Waltz for Miriam. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest.




Moor’s dance from "Aida."

Reber, Gisela. Charakterexercice für russiche, poinische und ungarische Buhnentanze. Notated by Albrecht Knust.


Chinese Dance

Chinese classical dance. Notated by Ilene Fox, 1987.



Ailey, Alvin; et. Al. Jazz dance collection. Notated by Ray Cook and others, 1965.

Bywaters, Jerry. Jazz study.

Checker, Chubby. The twist. Notated by Allan Miles, et al., 1962.

Daniels, Danny. Jazz fugue.

Hamilton, Bob. Jazz Ubung. Notated by Thormaehlen and Herder.

Haney, Carol. Jazz walk. Notated by J. McDowell, 1955.

Horne, Nat. The Nat Horne Jazz Technique. Notated by Ilene Fox, 1984.

Isolation exercises. Notated by Maggie Kerswill, 1968.

Jazz steps. Notated by student notators.

Jazz study. Notated by Mary Corey.

Lorenz, Rose. Lyric jazz dances. Notated by Rose Lorenz, 1987.

Mahoney, Billie. Barre exercises.

Mattox, Matt. Modern jazz dance technique. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1963.

Modern Jazz New York. Notated By Becker and Winn, 1983.

Nicks, Walter. Jazz. Notated by Colette Delhumeau, 1973.



Hari, Eugene. Exercises and combinations. Notated by Lucy Venable, 1963.

Youskevitch, Igor. Mime as used in classical ballet. 1958.


Modern Dance

116 Modern Dance Classroom Combinations. Notated by Ray Cook, 1979.

Bettis, Valerie. Six swing study.

Bodmer, Sylvia. Circles in the dimension plane. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1960.

_____. Group study on B scale. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1960.

_____. Study on Lemniscate movement. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1960.

_____. Study on Volutes of the A scale. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1960.

Chadinoff, Atty. Exercices au Sol. Notated by Haas and Knust, 1964.

Chilkovsky, Nadia. Study in flowing successional movement.

Combined torso movements. Notated by Judy Babcock.

Cunningham, Merce. Merce Cunningham technique. Notated by Carol Ann Egan, 1959.

_____. Merce Cunningham technique. Notated by Judith Hogan, 1962.

_____. Technique phrases and exercises in the Cunningham idiom. Notated by Amanda Thom Woodson, 1987.

_____. Technique variations. Notated by Patricia Howell, 1971.

Currier, Ruth. Barre. Notated by Mary-Jane Evans, 1972.

Duncan, Isadora. Secret document number 1.

Emmons, Joanne. [untitled] Notated by Joanne Emmons.

Gifford, Joe. [untitled]

Graham, Martha. [untitled] 1948.

_____. [untitled] Notated by Pauline de Goot, 1959.

_____. Classroom combinations in the Graham technique. Notated by Diane Gray, 1962.

_____. Dance studies in Graham technique. Notated by Harriet Grossberg.

_____. Early Graham technique. 1985.

_____. Graham combinations. Notated by Georgette Amowitz, 1964.

_____. Graham Technik. 1965.

_____. Graham technique. Notated by Carol Miller, 1963.

_____. Martha Graham technique. Notated by Clover Roope, 1966.

_____. The Graham technique glossary. Notated by Muriel Topaz, 1966.

_____. Graham classroom combinations.

Guest, Ann Hutchinson. Waltz for Cs. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1955.

Hackney, Peggy. Study to the music of Fernando Sor. Notated by Peggy Hackney, 1967.

Hanya, Hanya. Etude #1. Notated by Allan Miles, 1962.

_____. Etude #2. Notated by Allan Miles, 1962.

_____. Etude #3. Notated by Allan Miles, 1963.

_____. Development of a weight shift pattern. 1958.

_____. Movement analysis. 1961.

Horton, Lester. [untitled] Notated by Cook, 1962.

Hoving, Lukas. [untitled] Notated by McRae and Spivey.

_____. 2 Etuded von Lukas Hoving. Notated by Helga Fritsche, 1958.

_____. Etude von Lukas Hoving. Notated by Helga Fritsche, 1958.

Humphrey, Doris and Weidman, Charles. From studio to stage. Notated by Mary J. Barnett, 192.

Humphrey, Doris. The dance technique of Doris Humphrey. Notated by Jane Marriett, 1981.

Jooss & Leeder. Beginner’s technique study. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1937.

_____. Technique studies. 1956.

Jooss, Kurt. Deminstration of Jooss technique. Notated by Ellen Levand, 1958.

_____. Folkwang - Etuden. Notated byKruppke and others.

_____. Jooss modern dance technique. 1959.

_____. Modern dance warm-up exercises. Notated by June Wilson, 1977.

_____. Tanzformen. Notated by Albrecht Knust.

_____. Tanztechnik. Notated by Donker and Knust, 1955.

Kniaseff. Kniaseff’s Exercises. Notated by Allan Miles, 1971.

Koner, Pauline. Koner modern technique. Notated by Lucy Venable, 1957.

Kozlowiecka, Zofia. Poznanskie Studium kinetografti. Notated by Violetta Kabs et al., 992.

Laban, Rudolf. Dimensional scales and dimensional studies. Notated by Rudolf Laban.

_____.Laban scales studies. Notated by Katherine Hooper, 1953.

_____. Laban six scale. Notated by Els Grelinger, 1962.

_____. Laban six scale. Notated by Els Grelinger, 1962.

_____. Laban six scale. Notated by Hooper and Bartenieff.

_____. Laban six scale. Notated by Katherine Hooper.

Lathrop, Welland. Classroom Combinations.

Leeder, Sigurd. Opposition waltz. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1959.

Lewis, Daniel. Tendu and body swing combinations. Notated by Robinson et al, 1980.

Limón, José. Connecticut College advanced Labanotation project. Notated by Hendrickson, et al., 1965.

_____. Dance combinations utilizing turns. Notated by Connie Zander, 1962.

_____. Hop turn sequence with floor plan. Notated by Joanne Emmons, 1949.

_____. José Limón’s technique. Notated by Jill Johnston.

_____. Limón technique. Notated by Julia Alessandroni, 1961.

_____. Limón technique. Notated by William Hug, 1957.

_____. Walking sequences. Notated by Lucy Venable, 1968.

Loman, Hettie. Dance suite 1985 no. 1. Notated by Sally Archbutt, 1985.

Maslow, Sophie. Maslow technique. Notated by Billie Mahoney.

Modern sequences. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1951.

O’Donnel, May. Floor exercises. 1977.

Partsch. Tanztechnik.

Patterns on knees. Notated by N. Deckard.

Raye, Zelia. Modern stage dance branch grade examination requirements. Notated by Ann Hutchinson Guest, 1956.

_____. Rational Limbering. Notated by Carla de Sola.

Schrifttanz-Ubungen. Notated by Albrecht Knust.

Schurman, Nona. Nona Schurman technique. Notated by Dolores Vanison, 1959.

Shawn, Ted. Shawn’s exercises. Notated by student notator, 1959.

Shurr and Yocom. Notation of modern dance techniques and teaching. Notated by Mabel Robinson.

Sutherland, Eoffney. Dance study based on the right A scale. Notated by Vivien Bridson, 1966.

Taliaferro, Clay. Master class.

Tamaris, Helen. Exploration of an outer action with inner feeling. 1959.

Tilts. Notated by Coopersmith, Judy.

Torso and chest rotations. 1983.

Veen, Jan. Dance form from "The Vassals."

_____. Etude.

_____. Study in direction and space.

Walker, Norman. Modern dance technique. 1961.

Weidman, Charles. [untitled]

Winearls, Jane. Choreutic studies. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1952.

_____. Dynamic tango. Notated by Robert Harvey, 1956.

_____. Modern dance studies. Notated by Nancy Harlock, 1974.

_____. Sixteen modern dance studies for piano.

_____. Study on direction and design. Notated by Robert Harvey, 1956.



Becker, Svea. Soft shoe. Notated by Seva Becker.

Fagley, Billy. Soft shoe. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1936.

_____. Three blind mice. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1936.

Mahoney, Billie. Fundamentals of tap dancing. 1969.

_____. Fundamentals of tap dancing. Notated by Billie Mahoney, 1983.

Tap steps. Notated by Bissell, Brent and Scot.



Harries and Roberts. Judo forms. Notated by Albrecht Knust, 1950.

Pilates, Joseph. Return to life. Notated by Hutchinson and Kaufman, 1960.

Spraker, Lana. T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

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