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Dance ID: 905
ChoreographerDate Choreographed
Mark Morris 1981
Dance Title: Gloria
Premier: Mark Morris Dance Group, Dance Theater Workshop, Bessie Schoenberg Theatre
Premier City: New York
Premier State: NY
Premier Country: US
Premier Date: December 12, 1981
Description of Work:  
Version Staged by: Marjorie Folkman, 2016
Running Time: 30:00
Running Time Comments:  

Style of MovementComments

NotatorPrimary NotatorYear Notated
Sandra Aberkalns 2016
Status of Score

Pagination: xviii, 311
Level of Notation: Advanced/Professional

Number of Women: 5
Number of Minimum Women: 5
Number of Men: 5
Number of Minimum Men: 5
Number of Either Gender:  
Number of Minimum of Either Gender:  
Number of Soloist (Women):  
Number of Soloist (Men):  
Number of Soloist (Either Gender):  
Number of Principle (Women):  
Number of Principle (Men):  
Number of Principle (Either Gender):  
Total Cast: 10
Alternate Cast:  
Additional Cast:  
Level of Dancer: Advanced/Professional
Casting Notes:  
Dancers in Original Version: Ruth Davidson, Tina Fehlandt, Penny Hutchinson, Harry Laird, Elvira Psimas, Nora Reynolds, Jennifer Thienes, Teri Weksler, Holly Williams, Douglas Varone
Dancers in Staged Version: Eleanor Altholz, Erin Deebel, Sarah Esser, Colette Kelly, Nadia Khayrallah, Chava Lansky, Cara Lachtrupp, Debbie Mausner, Sydney Pickens, Kate Stephanus, Carolyn Silverman

Lighting DesignerComments
Michael Chybowski 1988

Costume Information:  
Lighting Information:  
Props Information:  
Set Information:  
Miscellaneous Production Information:  
Music ComposerComments
Antonio Vivaldi  

Music Title:Gloria in D major, RV589

Music Formats Available from the DNBMusic Format Comments
Marked Score  

Live Music Required: Yes
Music in Public Domain:
Music Rights Comments:  
Music Availablity Offsite:  
Other Music Information: Not all music scores are appropriate for this version of the work. Please contact Mark Morris Dance Group for the music score or recording music
Permission for Education: Contact DNB
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Permission for Research: Contact DNB
Permission for Research Comments:  
Permission for Performance: Contact DNB
Permission for Performance Comments:  
Dance in Public Domain:
Copyright Information:  

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Supplementary Materials 
Notator's Checklist2016

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