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Dance ID: 586
ChoreographerDate Choreographed
Antony Tudor 1936
Dance Title: Jardin aux lilas (Lilac garden)
Premier: Ballet Rambert, Mercury Theatre
Premier City: London
Premier State:  
Premier Country: England
Premier Date: January 26, 1936
Description of Work: From program note: "A ballet with a Maupassant-like plot, springing from a situation wherein two lovers, about to be parted, have a desperate longing to kiss each other before parting."
Version Staged by: Antony Tudor
Running Time: 18:00
Running Time Comments:  

Style of MovementComments

ICKL Number

NotatorPrimary NotatorYear Notated
Airi Hynninen 1981
Status of Score
Handwritten manuscript

Pagination: xxxxvi, 121
Level of Notation: Intermediate/Advanced

Score Revised by Score Revised Date
Muriel Topaz 1992
Other Score Information
This is a revised version of Jardin aux Lilas (LN584), notated by Muriel Topaz in 1967. Introduction by Patricia Rader, 1984
Number of Women: 6
Number of Minimum Women: 6
Number of Men: 6
Number of Minimum Men: 6
Number of Either Gender: 0
Number of Minimum of Either Gender: 0
Number of Soloist (Women): 0
Number of Soloist (Men): 0
Number of Soloist (Either Gender): 0
Number of Principle (Women): 0
Number of Principle (Men): 0
Number of Principle (Either Gender): 0
Total Cast: 12
Alternate Cast:  
Additional Cast:  
Level of Dancer: Professional
Casting Notes:  
Dancers in Original Version: Maude Lloyd, Hugh Laing, Antony Tudor, Peggy Van Praagh, Elisabeth Schooling, Frank Staff, Ann Gee, Leslie Edwards, Tamara Svetlova
Dancers in Staged Version: Lise Houlton, Kevin McKenzie, John Meehan, Martine van Hamel, Amy Blaisdell, Elaine Kudo, Christine Spizzo, Francia Kovac, David Cuevas, Robert Las Fosse, Scott Schlexer, George Thompson

Costume DesignerComments
Hugh Stevenson  
Set DesignerComments
Hugh Stevenson  
Lighting DesignerComments
Jean Rosenthal 1951 Production
Sidney Bennett 1967 Production
John Healy 1969 Production
Tom Lingwood 1975 Production

Costume Information: Costume photos and sketches on file at DNB. Women: a white lace gown for Carloline, coloured silks for the other women ; Men: a stuffy blue frock coat for the husband, a semi-military green velvet tunic for the lover
Lighting Information:  
Props Information:  
Set Information: A romantic, lilac filled garden setting with painted backdrop and lilac bushes scattered about the “legs."
Miscellaneous Production Information:  
Music ComposerComments
Ernest Chausson  

Music Title:Poème, op. 25, pour violon et orchestre

Music Formats Available from the DNBMusic Format Comments
Unmarked Score See Jardin aux lilas (Lilac garden) (LN584) score notated by Muriel Topaz
Marked Score See Jardin aux lilas (Lilac garden) (LN584) score notated by Muriel Topaz84

Live Music Required: Yes
Music in Public Domain:
Music Rights Comments:  
Music Availablity Offsite:  
Other Music Information:  
Format AvailableComments
VHS or PAL Video New York Theatre Ballet, Florence Gould Hall, New York, May 2, 2003. Staged by Sallie Wilson
VHS or PAL Video PBS "Dance in America" series -- American Ballet Theater, April 13, 1990
DVD "Dance in America" series -- American Ballet Theater, 1990
LabanWriter Format
Permission for Education: Yes
Permission for Education Comments:  
Permission for Research: Yes
Permission for Research Comments:  
Permission for Performance: Contract Required
Permission for Performance Comments:  
Dance in Public Domain:
Copyright Information: Copyright 1983 by Antony Tudor and Dance Notation Bureau (descriptive text and ill.)
Royalty FeeComments
Call for information  
Licensing FeeComments
Call for information  
Artist Contact
Sally Brayley Bliss, Executor Antony Tudor Ballet Trust

DNB Archival Score Available:
Archival Score Comment: Locate at OSU Library
Archival Score Box Label:  
Archival Score Condition: Excellent
Archival Revised Score:
Archival Revised Score Comments:  
Master Copy Available:
Master Copy Comments:  
Circulating Copy Available:
Circulating Copy Comments:  
Item Microfilmed:
Archival Offsite Copy
Score Copy: NYPL Dance Division *MGRN 82-1142 // *ZZ-21560
Microfilm: OSU Special Collection Reel #533; NYPL
Archival PlaybillsComments
Archival PhotosComments
B&W Prints 
Archival PapersComments
Set Information and Design 
Costume Information, Swatches, and Sketches 
Lighting Information and Design 

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